December Dome of the Month

December Winner – Tropical Flowers in Winter

Growing Tropical Flowers in Winter. Congratulations to Gail and Bert Waser from SE Oregon on winning December’s Dome of the Month contest. Wow! They really blew us all away with this beautiful photo of their snow kissed Growing Dome full of tropical flowers. Gail took this photo on Nov. 18th and had the following to add, “A little chilly last…

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banana in an Oregon greenhouse

Success Gardening Indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast

Success gardening indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast! Gabrielle and Urs built their 22′ Growing Dome in the spring of 2012. They live on the central Oregon coast where rain and clouds are very common. Since the Growing Dome is a solar-powered greenhouse, they knew they would have to make some adjustments during the cloudy, rainy winters, but with…

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An Entirely New Canvas

My family and I are in the first year with our 26′ Growing Dome. This winter we are not at full capacity because we didn’t have time to get all of the beds built before the soil we needed to bring into the greenhouse froze solid to the ground. Right now we’re growing in a mix of raised beds and…

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How Winter Growing is Possible

The difference between the inside and outside of the dome on a cold winter night depends on how many sunny days you are having. With the domes 7 unique features for heating and cooling, we are able to grow year round, even in the Rocky Mountains, because we can keep the temperature at a decent level from the dome’s unique…

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Flowering Broccoli, Catch Crops, and Early Spring

Spring is a very fun time in our Growing Dome greenhouses. Usually all the winter crops that we have been harvesting and eating over the winter are starting to go to seed. Do not despair! A lot of these vegetables have edible flowers. For example, arugula, tatsoi, mizuna, and a lot of edible greens also have edible flowers which add…

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Transitioning from Winter to Spring

SPRING time in the Growing Dome, check out hint #13 ! Click the link below

Pruning your Tomatoes and Peppers

Here’s what I’ve learned lately from our 26′ Growing Dome.  For a while there our life was pretty calm and I was getting to the Dome every Saturday and checking in on the plants.  I’d harvest whatever was ready, clip the dead leaves or stems from the tomato and pepper plants, throw in a few more seeds or garlic cloves…

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Growing Dome Presentation in Farmington, NM A service of the Rochester Times By JOHN NOLAN Thursday, September 9, 2010 John Nolan/Times photo Joann Vollmer talks to Farmington Gardeners Roundtable in the Goodwin Library about the benefits of geodesic domes for growing vegetables year-round. A model of her 33-foot diameter dome is in the foreground. FARMINGTON — Farmington Gardeners’ Roundtable received a talk, last week, on…

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