Grants & Success with Community Gardens

Community gardens create a wonderful space where neighbors and families can spend time outdoors, get good exercise and good food, and, most importantly, connect with each other. They also provide access to gardening for people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to nurture a seed from start to harvest. Sure pots on windowsills or in patios can bring the…

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Learning About GMO’s

by Puja Dhyan Parsons I have called myself “A-Political” forever and find that as I read about the health dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), I am drawn into the commitment to let my legislators know that sanity is needed and more education shows that we simply must turn the tide of food policies toward natural living. When I think…

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banana in an Oregon greenhouse

Success Gardening Indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast

Success gardening indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast! Gabrielle and Urs built their 22′ Growing Dome in the spring of 2012. They live on the central Oregon coast where rain and clouds are very common. Since the Growing Dome is a solar-powered greenhouse, they knew they would have to make some adjustments during the cloudy, rainy winters, but with…

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November Dome of the Month

November 2012 – Dome of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Mike O’Neal on winning this November’s Dome of the Month contest! This stunning photo of the interior of his 33′ Growing Dome shows the forest of aloe by his water tank and the lush growth of his indoor garden in Oklahoma. He plans his entries just right (and takes amazing photos) so that he wins in the fall of every…

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Homemade Pesticide

Homemade Organic Pest Control Sprays

On October 8th we hosted a “Ask the Gardening Experts” Interactive Workshop attended by over 50 students and presented by 5 panelists. It was an information packed day that offered many solutions for problems gardeners face. We will be releasing the full class on video for the public to purchase. Until then we wanted to share one of our favorite…

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Video Contest

Enter to Win: Owner Video Contest

As much as we love gardening, we love community and we’re trying to create it wherever we go. We want you to share your Growing Dome stories with each other so that you all can learn from each other and feel a part of something larger than yourselves. We decided we’d sweeten the pot by throwing a video contest into…

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Dome of the Month

August’s Dome of the Month

Taken on the 4th of July during a fireworks ban across the state of Colorado , Richard Black was able to find a perfect substitute for fireworks… a double-rainbow. It just so happened to end at his 42′ Growing Dome in Durango, CO. Fancy that! Great picture Richard, and keep on growing!

The Return Customers

Meet David and Edna Allen, some home gardeners who have enjoyed their Growing Dome, enjoyed it so much in fact that they have actually bought seven of them. In this video they talk to Puja Parsons about their many Growing Domes, and some of the techniques they use to to grow all year long.

PRESS RELEASE: Geodesic Greenhouse Manufacturer to Appear on HGTV Backyard Makeover Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUBJECT: Geodesic Greenhouse Manufacturer to Appear on HGTV Backyard Makeover ShowGrowing Spaces is proud to announce their upcoming appearance on an episode of My Yard Goes Disney. The series features families who win a surprise backyard makeover that is Disney themed and is in its second season on HGTV (Home and Garden Television). With around million viewers…

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SWEDEN: International Installation Begins

Richard Miller and his wife Janet made it safely to Sweden and were reunited with the Growing Dome kit shipped from Growing Spaces over the weekend. The build has commenced and is coming along beautifully. The international exchange is going over great. It seems Ludvig and Richard had hit it off well over the phone and email that it’s been…

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