Replenishing Your Garden

Replenish Your Garden’s Footprint

Let’s start out by first acknowledging that gardening is an inherently Earth-friendly activity. The basic acts of turning the soil, sowing seeds, watering, and nurturing the plants literally consists of acting in a loving, gentle and kind way toward the Earth. Gardening is also eco-friendly in less direct but as conspicuous ways. The most obvious way being that our food…

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cost of organic food

Cost versus Value: How to reconcile spending more for organic food

Whether you buy your red bell peppers conventionally grown from Chili or organically farmed down the road, you are likely noticing that food prices are rising faster than inflation. This just adds another layer to the already complicated question of, “What am I willing to pay for my food?” Every time I’m at the grocery store, and more so now…

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Do You Measure Your Carbon Footprint?

Hunter Lovins, Author of Natural Capitalism Solutions, talks about how companies can save money by reducing their carbon foot print and increasing their profitability.

Green Living 101: Grow Your Own Food

Green Living 101: grow your own food in Colorado   Worried about America’s addiction to oil?  Do you want to rely less on oil and live off the vegetables and fruits of your labor?   Want to grow your own organic food all year around, even in the dead of winter in the bitter Colorado Rocky Mountain cold? A Colorado based…

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Powerful video on encouraging a healthier, happier, more sustainable lifestyle

Shift Awareness and Embrace Change!   Play this brief video, and share with everyone to encourage healthier, happier, and more sustainable ways across our planet!  This video was forwarded to us through email by a Growing Dome owner.