geothermal greenhouse project

Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership Comes into View

Last year we shared with you the vision for Pagosa Springs’ Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) and how this sustainable movement was poised to change our community in big and beautiful ways. We are excited to post an update with a rendering of the proposed project and an overview of the design. This is all really...

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Pagosa’s Geothermal Greenhouse Project Bringing Us Home

In a world grappling with economic challenges and environmental concerns, Pagosa's Geothermal Greenhouse Project stands as a testament to community resilience and sustainable living. Embracing the 'going local' movement, this initiative is not just about cultivating plants; it's about cultivating hope and kinship within the community. Drawing parallels with the Eden Project and the transformative vision of the Aspen Institute, this project symbolizes a shift towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future. Join us as we explore how this project is shaping Pagosa Springs into an eco-destination, celebrating human ingenuity and a sustainable way of life.

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A Gateway to Sustainability

As the world turns towards sustainable solutions, the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation. This visionary project, transforming an exhausted quarry into the world's largest conservatory, exemplifies how communities can come together to create impactful, eco-friendly spaces. Its blend of education, tourism, and social enterprise inspires visitors globally, subtly promoting ecological awareness. In Pagosa Springs, we draw from this example, envisioning our own eco-destination with the Geothermal Greenhouse Project. Join us as we nurture this dream, planting seeds for a sustainable future and inviting you to share your green community stories.

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