Garden Art – April 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

We feel fortunate to have people like April’s Dome of the Month Winner, Larry Berger, in our lives. They turn their passion, no matter what it is, into an art form. His passion just so happens to be our passion, gardening. He won April’s contest with this lovely overview shot of his full garden and it’s so rewarding to see…

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Learning About GMO’s

by Puja Dhyan Parsons I have called myself “A-Political” forever and find that as I read about the health dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), I am drawn into the commitment to let my legislators know that sanity is needed and more education shows that we simply must turn the tide of food policies toward natural living. When I think…

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Replenishing Your Garden

Replenish Your Garden’s Footprint

Let’s start out by first acknowledging that gardening is an inherently Earth-friendly activity. The basic acts of turning the soil, sowing seeds, watering, and nurturing the plants literally consists of acting in a loving, gentle and kind way toward the Earth. Gardening is also eco-friendly in less direct but as conspicuous ways. The most obvious way being that our food…

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Where in the World Contest

Many of us can look at this photo and envision what will be a great adventure. Site selection, solar orientation, leveling the ground, leveling the ground, leveling, leveling, and more leveling. You get the picture, but wait… Where in the world is this future 26′ Growing Dome site? These iconic photos have become the feature of a little contest I…

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spring planting in the greenhouse

Spring Planting, Inside & Out

This is the most exciting time of year to be involved in gardening and we can’t help but join in and share spring planting info. When the bug hits to get growing it’s hard to resist, but when REALLY is the best time to sow what seeds in spring? And is there a way to grow year round so you…

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youth gardening

A Worthy Journey: Putting youth gardening into perspective

As we celebrate the interest from children and young adults in growing organic food, we want to point to major influences over the last few years. I thank the efforts of Jamie Oliver, Will Allan, and Michelle Obama and many Moms and Dad’s who are convinced that learning “where food comes from” is the beginning of a worthy journey for…

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Gardening & Beyond Video Series

To follow the theme of the Growing Domes®, we like to promote “going local”. You can’t get any more local than growing your food at home and we support local gardeners as part of this movement. In 2010 Udgar Parsons, Growing Spaces Owner & Founder, taught at a “Gardening & Beyond” educational program that was made available to the general…

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You Tube Gardening Video Series

Over the next 6 months we will be offering a series of gardening videos on our You Tube channel

How Winter Growing is Possible

The difference between the inside and outside of the dome on a cold winter night depends on how many sunny days you are having. With the domes 7 unique features for heating and cooling, we are able to grow year round, even in the Rocky Mountains, because we can keep the temperature at a decent level from the dome’s unique…

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How to Sow Your Seeds

We have talked in our previous posts about sowing a batch of cool hardy seeds for our spring crops. A few words about sowing seeds may be appropriate here. The first thing to note is the size of the seed you are using, as they vary quite enormously. The average depth to sow seeds is a between a ¼ and…

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