Streaming Workshop Video: Growing Dome Garden Management

Watch over 4.5 hours of video of Jerome Osentowski’s Growing Dome Garden Management workshop hosted at Growing Spaces in the summer of 2012.  Do so at your leisure by streaming the video online.  We captured the best parts of this information rich two-day course on how to build your own permaculture garden in a greenhouse. Unique and helpful topics like…

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Replenishing Your Garden

Replenish Your Garden’s Footprint

Let’s start out by first acknowledging that gardening is an inherently Earth-friendly activity. The basic acts of turning the soil, sowing seeds, watering, and nurturing the plants literally consists of acting in a loving, gentle and kind way toward the Earth. Gardening is also eco-friendly in less direct but as conspicuous ways. The most obvious way being that our food…

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floating row cover in the greenhouse

Floating Row Covers in the Greenhouse

It’s been an especially cold winter for many parts of the country. We here in Colorado had the brunt of it during December and now the midwest and northeast are experiencing exceptionally cold temperatures. We’ve received a flood of questions about when and how to heat. It largely depends on the amount of sunshine you receive and secondarily depends on…

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Homemade Pesticide

Homemade Organic Pest Control Sprays

On October 8th we hosted a “Ask the Gardening Experts” Interactive Workshop attended by over 50 students and presented by 5 panelists. It was an information packed day that offered many solutions for problems gardeners face. We will be releasing the full class on video for the public to purchase. Until then we wanted to share one of our favorite…

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Greenhouse Helps New Gardener Learn Quickly

We love hearing from our Growing Dome owners, so when we received a very encouraging email from Lori Binczak, we had to share it with you guys. It’s so great when we get little reminders like this that remind us why we do what we do. We can’t believe what she’s accomplished in her 18′ Growing Dome! Simply amazing! Here’s…

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wind load greenhouse

Unusual Spring Weather

This early spring has been a guilty pleasure for what it seems like everyone in the continental United States, but we’re all secretly wondering what this means. Are we in for a major drought? When will the strong winds and tornadoes die down?  Is this what global warming looks like? We definitely can’t answer any of those questions, but we…

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spring planting in the greenhouse

Spring Planting, Inside & Out

This is the most exciting time of year to be involved in gardening and we can’t help but join in and share spring planting info. When the bug hits to get growing it’s hard to resist, but when REALLY is the best time to sow what seeds in spring? And is there a way to grow year round so you…

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Monday, March 12 #gardenchat host: Stacey Couch

Stacey Couch is the Creative Media Coordinator for Growing Spaces LLC. She wrangles social media, navigates our online presence, and harmonizes overall marketing efforts. Her background includes a degree in Conservation Biology, Evolution, and Ecology, and years working in the field studying ornithology and botany. More recently she’s worked for animal welfare non-profit organizations and for an organic farm coordinating…

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Join Us on #gardenchat on Monday, 3/12 at 9pm MST

We were fortunate last summer to come upon a great community of gardeners on Twitter that gets together once a week on Monday nights at 9pm EST for an event called #gardenchat. #gardenghat is presented by Bren of and includes  hundreds of well-educated professional and hobby gardeners from around the country. Sometimes overwhelming and always fun, this one hour…

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Testing the Foundation of Your Garden

From time to time, we receive questions about the soil in the gardening beds of the Growing Dome. The question of soil, like many things in gardening, can be a life-long pursuit or can be a spontaneous leap of faith. Examining the interactions between micro-organisms, fungi, minerals, biomass and more keeps laboratories at the most prestigious universities busy for perpetuity….

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