Garden Grants

2022 Year in Review

2022 is quickly coming to an end and we wanted to take some time to reflect on how we have grown. This year was filled with twists and turns that both grounded us and propelled us into action. Giving back to our community and getting involved is something that we felt was desperately needed after the two years of isolation we all endured.

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Growing Spaces 2021 Urban Farming Grant Winners

The first recipient of our urban farming grant is Black Nickel (Hustlaz 2 Harvesters, & Garfield Terrace) in Washington DC. Black Nickel’s mission is to redevelop and revive neglected community farms and gardens in DC, and throughout the nation, and create a prototype of local farmer’s markets owned by minorities and people of color. Their goal is to implement training and education programs for children and young adults, helping foster their relationship with STEM and agriculture.

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