fruit tree

How to Grow Fruit Trees in a Greenhouse

Fruit trees can be a healthy addition to most dome greenhouse gardens above zone 3. They provide fresh fruit and shade in the summer with the bonus of attracting pollinators when flowering. Understanding a plant’s natural environment (tropical, subtropical, or temperate to continental) and how to stimulate it will help you grow a wide variety of plants from fruit trees to shrubs, which will give you more confidence in your dome gardening adventure.

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How To Grow Fig Trees In Your Greenhouse

Fig trees are one of the best ways to achieve summer shade and stabilized temperatures in your Growing Dome Greenhouse. They are forgiving in depleted dry soil conditions, extreme heat or cold, and inadequate ventilation conditions. Fig trees are relatively disease and pest resistant. They produce broad leaves at the perfect time in the spring to provide natural shade for your plants and lose them just in time for fall when you need more sun. Figs thrive in full sun and make delicious fruit. It is hard to imagine a better fruit tree for dome greenhouse growing.

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