Growing Dome

Growing Dome Community Celebration

Customer Appreciation Party 2019 This year has been one for changes at Growing Spaces, with a new logo, and a new website just around the corner we wanted to take the time to thank our community of growing dome greenhouse owners for their constant support. Plus give some of our potential owners a peek into our wonderful community.  Here are…

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Durango Students Lead Movement in Eating Locally Grown Food

Animas Valley students and their 22′ Growing Dome school greenhouse make big news, eating locally grown food. From the Durango Herald newspaper November 18, 2014: “Students and faculty at Animas Valley Elementary School were busy on Thursday afternoon collecting tomatoes, red lettuce, radishes and a few carrots from a greenhouse and garden on the premises. Coordinator Cody Reinheimer, back right,…

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School Gardening

Freeman Public School Teacher Puts Purpose to FFA Studies

Freeman Public School FFA program now has a Growing Dome. Introverts are typically viewed as unlikely agents of change, and it’s so wonderful when that stereotype is blown out of the water by someone like Tony Jensen of Freeman Public School. In this article that outlines the leadership role he took on to bring his students, school and school district…

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growing food revolution

We’ll be at the Rodale Institute Growing Dome this month!

For all of you who followed the 33’ Growing Dome build at Rodale Institute this Spring you might remember our Ambassador, Richard Miller who supervised the installation of the Growing Dome. Growing Spaces is happy to sponsor Richard Miller returning to Rodale Insitute to attend a Shumei Natural Agriculture Conference July 26-27. The two day seminar entitled:  “Garden. Life. Balance: …

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California Growing Dome

Growing Dome at the Solar Living Institute

Recently we received an update from the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA of the 26′ Growing Dome greenhouse built in 2012… “The Growing Dome is one of the main attractions at the Solar Living Institute. Generously donated by Growing Spaces (located in Pagosa Springs, CO), it allows us to grow vegetation that needs a more stable environment than what…

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Edible Schoolyard Project: Lesson Plans, Fundraising and More!

We are so impressed and amazed to see how the school garden concept is infusing rural and urban communities across the country. The next generation honestly has so many opportunities to connect back with their food and the land. It’s also stunning how technology has quickened the pace of this movement far beyond what anyone thought was possible. For years…

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Freeman Public Schools’ New Greenhouse Classroom

Freeman Public School students in NE are just now settling into their new 33 ft. diameter Growing Dome greenhouse classroom. Over the course of about nine months they were able to write grants and receive enough funding to purchase the greenhouse classroom. The main contributions were grants from DuPont Pioneer and Farm Credit Services of America. Educators involved in the…

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Earth Day

It’s Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and this is being celebrated in many places around the globe (see ). In our own small town, the people of vision were out on a cold day in their booths giving away small trees to celebrate Earth Day. There were many examples of innovation and many contributions to the awareness that we all need to…

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33' Growing Dome

Part 4: 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

We thought we might be nearing a close with the construction of the 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Garden at the Rodale Institute, but this story sure has had it’s twists and turns! It turns out that Richard is headed back east to work on some finishing touches and to help with consulting on the garden bed layout and…

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Food Revolution

Our Dirt Work Leads to a Food Revolution

Each weekend I have a chance to look at our culture from a big picture place and notice both the troubles we are facing globally and in the US, as well as see the progress of those innovators who are bringing solutions. In an article, in 2011, Jessica Murray talked about the revolutionary times of the late 60’s for our…

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