Desert Cooling Package

How to Cool Your Greenhouse this Summer

Udgar and I founded Growing Spaces in 1989. The process of selling it was like looking for the right partner to pass on the baton in an exciting marathon. Preparing for that moment took extra energy. Our team had become our community as we developed the agility together to master all the moving parts of an evolving company. After retiring, we decided to travel in order to mark the change and to distance ourselves from our results-driven habits.

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September 2019 Growing Dome of the Month

Stories From Growing Domes Across the Globe Suzanne’s Growing Dome Desert Greenhouse Suzanne’s journey with a desert Growing Dome Greenhouse has reoriented her towards a more holistic way of living. After extensive travel as a leadership coach and business consultant, Suzanne’s life took a drastic turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, after...

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