Growing Dome

Growing Dome Community Celebration

Customer Appreciation Party 2019 This year has been one for changes at Growing Spaces, with a new logo, and a new website just around the corner we wanted to take the time to thank our community of growing dome greenhouse owners for their constant support. Plus give some of our potential owners a peek into our wonderful community.  Here are…

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Milk and Honey Farm: Living Values, Creating Community, and Awakening Minds

Located on the 10-acre campus of the Jewish Community Center in Boulder, CO, the Milk and Honey Farm is a shining example of building a more resilient community through local organic farming.  The Boulder JCC is a 501c(3) who’s mission is to provide programs and services based in Jewish heritage, values, and traditions in a place where people of all…

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Inspiring and Educating People’s Lives around the globe

Here at Growing Spaces we live the life we promote, eating what we grow in our Growing Domes.  We know the benefits, and we know it just WORKS!  We can tell you about all the benefits many times over again, but sometimes it is helpful to just see it in action and hear about the inspiration it provides from our…

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Aspen T.R.E.E. Growing Dome Community Supported Agriculture Project

In October a dedicated crew from Growing Spaces and with local volunteers installed at 42′ Growing Dome at 8,000 feet at Aspen T.R.E.E. in cold and snowy conditions. Through the donations of the Growing Spaces crew time and donations of labor and funds from numerous community organizations and individuals, Aspen T.R.E.E. was able to raise this beautiful greenhouse. The Growing Dome…

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growing food revolution

We’ll be at the Rodale Institute Growing Dome this month!

For all of you who followed the 33’ Growing Dome build at Rodale Institute this Spring you might remember our Ambassador, Richard Miller who supervised the installation of the Growing Dome. Growing Spaces is happy to sponsor Richard Miller returning to Rodale Insitute to attend a Shumei Natural Agriculture Conference July 26-27. The two day seminar entitled:  “Garden. Life. Balance: …

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2013 Growing Spaces In-Kind Grant Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the top three winners of this year’s Growing Spaces In-kind Grant Awards. Each of these well deserving organizations has diligently planned and raised funds for their education programs that will include a Growing Dome® greenhouse. It is with great joy that we join the movements to contribute to and support these beautiful projects. First Place:…

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Growing Year Round in the Sierra Nevadas – June 2013 Dome of the Month

Truckee Community Farm is a winner. Congratulations to Truckee Community Farm and the Kelly family in Tahoe, CA for winning the June 2013 Dome of the Month! With this 33ft. Growing Dome they are supplying the Tahoe Food Hub with food year round and providing inspiration for similar educational programs in their community. They’ve been doing great work this year Growing Spaces…

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Earth Day

It’s Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and this is being celebrated in many places around the globe (see ). In our own small town, the people of vision were out on a cold day in their booths giving away small trees to celebrate Earth Day. There were many examples of innovation and many contributions to the awareness that we all need to…

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Finished!: 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

4-25-13 Thursday: I love round tanks, especially when it comes to leveling. Today we were busy finishing the tank. Don’t you love Janet’s pleats in the tank liner?  And, yes, for a charge she will come redo your tank! Other tasks included finishing the fans, final odds and ends at the door, and leftover parts!   4-27-13: Thursday and Friday passed and…

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33' Growing Dome

Part 4: 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

We thought we might be nearing a close with the construction of the 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Garden at the Rodale Institute, but this story sure has had it’s twists and turns! It turns out that Richard is headed back east to work on some finishing touches and to help with consulting on the garden bed layout and…

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