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Growing Dome Community Celebration

Customer Appreciation Party 2019 This year has been one for changes at Growing Spaces, with a new logo, and a new website just around the corner we wanted to take the time to thank our community of growing dome greenhouse owners for their constant support. Plus give some of our potential owners a peek into...

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Growing Bananas at 60 Degrees North 

Janet and I first met Bjorn Oliviusson in Fall 2012 when we arrived to help install the 33′ Growing Dome Greenhouse sold to the Royal Institution of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. As described in Bjorn’s post, it ended up at a school near the university, a pleasant setting, but late Fall in Stockholm the sunlight...

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Aquaponics, Hydroponics and More at Reed City High School

Reed City High School in Michigan is taking full advantage of their 51′ Growing Dome and all of the learning opportunities available inside. They are experimenting with aquaponics, hydroponics, and barrelponics. They’re even making their own worm tea. The students help raise plants and food for sale and collect scientific data along the way. What...

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