SWEDEN: We’re On Our Way!

Gravel pad ready to construct a Growing Dome greenhouse
Customer posing with his Growing Dome greenhouse shipping crates

“Dateline Sweden” Ludvig Johansson discovers 2 crates, one might contain the “Holy Grail”, eat your heart out Harrison Ford! Just kidding!! The two crates do contain what will be a great adventure, however, I’m just happy they made it from Colorado, USA to Sweden, 5000+ miles, in good shape.

This other picture concerns me though. Could it be the “Where In The World” contest attracted off planet interest? Sure looks like a round spaceship landing pad to me. You know, Bucky (Buckminster Fuller,  inventor of the geodesic design) always did call us “spaceship earth”. I guess we’ll find out when we get to Sweden, and the story continues….

Richard and Janet Miller

P.S. Bravo Ludvig on the pad!

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