SWEDEN: Installation Finished!

Richard and Janet by this time have finished up with Ludvig and family on the 26′ Growing Dome installation at Ludvig’s home in Sweden. We’re awaiting a written narrative of the experience, but in the meantime we have this photo journal of the remainder of the build. Enjoy!

Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-14-168x300 Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-15-225x300Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-11-300x168Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-10-300x168Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-13-300x168Ludvig-Johansson-26-06.2012-2-facebook-300x168Ludvig-Johansson-26-06.2012-4-facebook-300x168

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