SWEDEN: Final Installation

Sweden Growing Dome BuildDATELINE Sweden, the U.S. connection, the story continues…  As with many “Great Times” in life, our time in Sweden came and went in a blink. The Johansson family, our wonderful hosts, represent, in my opinion, the future of our planet. I know that sounds profound, but it is the simple truth. The love, interest and time spent together as a family expands to their community and foreign guests as well. What a natural, unconditional way to be! Careful Ludvig, don’t let that go to your head. Well, building a dome in Sweden is easier said then done. Just imagine the state of Washington USA, with more rain… is that possible? Anyway, we did what we could do, laughed alot and took pride in what we did. Now that the dome is buttoned up, it’s hard to tell what pictures we will see next from Ludvig. I can hardly wait!!

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  1. I love these pictures, and feel like I am there when I see them. I am so grateful for this connection to these wonderful people.
    Puja Dhyan Parsons

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