Success Gardening Indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast

banana in an Oregon greenhouse

Success gardening indoors in Winter on the Oregon Coast! Gabrielle and Urs built their 22′ Growing Dome in the spring of 2012. They live on the central Oregon coast where rain and clouds are very common. Since the Growing Dome is a solar-powered greenhouse, they knew they would have to make some adjustments during the cloudy, rainy winters, but with those adjustments everything has been going very well. Here’s their most recent update with a few photos:

Oregon GreenhouseHere our little Dome is in excellent shape (see pics).

All works fine. Tomatoes are still ripening, salads, rainbow chard, rosemary, sage, thyme, flowers and the kois in the pond are doing just fine.
Lemon and banana trees do well – just a great little paradise.
Actually I expected this system to do well, but I am surprised about how well it works here in the middle of this forest.
I admit, I cheat a little bit with a couple of growing lights – since it is so dark here Nov, Dec and January. But looking at the garden outside and inside I have to say it exceeds all my boldest expectations.
… have fun with some our pics taken the last 10 days.

Tomatoes in Oregon Greenhouse


  • Oh so pretty too!
    Making it beautiful…even the smallest part of working with nature is my theme these days…for some reason I don’t know.
    God surely did make it beautiful…why shouldn’t we try to do so too?
    What kit did you buy?
    Would you change anything in your purchase kit?
    I live in Louisiana..the north part…zone 8a and want to grow moringa trees …they are tropical …heat and sun loving. I have dreams of having one of these domes to work and play in.
    thanks for sharing with us!

  • Hi Linda

    Sorry I never saw your comment. If you still have questions or want to contact us, let me know.
    matterhornATpeakDOTorg would do the trick.

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