Growing Dome Survives Baseball Sized Hail

Home GreenhousesFrom John & Barbara Eychaner in Banner, Wyoming

“No damage to Growing Dome solar greenhouse after hailstorm. In mid-afternoon on May 26, 2013 we had quite a hail storm. I was not home but my husband was. Some of the hailstones were close to softball-baseball size which, of course, did lots of damage. We have had to have our house roof completely replaced, the three skylights on the house and the rain gutter. We have to say the rain gutter damaged on the house was plastic/fiber glass. There were large holes in that. We also have a good sized steel pole building with again the fiber glass along the peak for light purposes. There are several large holes in that. This will all be replaced. But, Praise the Lord! There was NO hail damage to our geodesic 22 foot Growing Dome greenhouse from Growing Spaces. We frankly were surprised. We highly recommend the Growing Spaces to anyone interested in a solar greenhouse.”



  • So glad your dome was spared. We were not so lucky. While on vacation in Aug, 2013, a terrible wind storm hit our area. Among the damage was a torn out vent in our 18′ dome. It tore the vent off at the hinges. We are in the process of replacing the hinges on the vent, then installing the vent on the dome.

    • Hi Barbara, Thank you for your feedback. Extra strong wind (in excess of 100 mph) can be another issue aside from hail. The Eychaner’s did report this experience, “We did have a horrific wind 4 – 5 days prior to the hail and that DID damage the double brace arms on one of the vents in the ceiling. The wind lasted continuously for over 24 hours without changing direction causing that vent to stand straight up for the duration of the wind.”
      We were able to trouble-shoot the damage with them and determine which replacement parts they needed. Their vent was back up and operational very quickly.
      If you haven’t already, please do give our maintenance department a call at 800-753-9333 for help with repairs. We might also have a stronger vent opener option available for you. We could determine this during the call.
      Sincerely, Stacey

  • WoW! no THAT is quite a story. I have seen our Growing Dome survive quarter sized hail storms, but never that big. Thanks so much for sharing this story. Puja Parsons

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