Shumei International Institute Members visit Growing Spaces

Shumei International VisitLast week, staff members of the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Co. took advantage of the mild November weather and travelled to Pagosa Springs for a day of relaxing, sightseeing, and, of course,  soaking in the  ” Healing Waters ” of the hot springs. After breakfast hosted by Growing Spaces at the “Famous” Pagosa Baking Co., the group toured and spent time with friends at Growing Spaces. Shumei and Growing Spaces have had a continued and deepening relationship since a 22′ Growing Dome was installed at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden at The Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pa. in late 2008.

Our Respect for Shumei Natural Agriculture: Our delight in the Shumei approach to gardening which is called Natural Agriculture began with our introduction to them in Crestone, Colorado. Several of our clients there had begun to study their methods. We were further introduced by our own colleagues, Richard and Janet Miller, who have become a part of their spiritual community across the globe.  Natural Agriculture teaches gardening as a practice that essentially renews our relationship with Nature and each other, and hopes to teach, train and revitalize our awareness of the interconnectedness of all living beings, and thus cultivates the compassion and respect that could end war and separation.

We share this secret desire, and the basis of our values for Growing Spaces’ offerings, is far deeper than just providing fresh organic food, and the ability to garden organically.  Like Shumei, our hope is that “one person at a time” we can grow the practices and awareness in our client’s experience, to bring forth a reverence for life that leads to new choices and a better world.

A member of the group, Hiromi, was nice enough to send us the following letter about their visit:

We, the Shumei staff including the staff’s children, visited Growing Spaces in Pagosa Springs on November 28th.

The Growing Spaces staff was so nice and very friendly and showed us around their site cheerfully and pleasantly. They have many different sizes of Growing Domes there from small to very large, some of which were recycled.

We were able to see how to keep the temperature warm inside of a greenhouse. Amazingly, even if it’s cold country, there is a small type of pond in the dome and the warmer water keeps it warm during colder weather. A fan pulls and circulates the warm air in the dome into tubing that runs through the planting beds…

At the end of our tour, the parents who had brought their children were able to take some small wooden blocks [left over from manufacturing] as souvenirs. Their children were happy to play with them.

It was a good learning and exploration trip about greenhouses for us. We had a wonderful time there with everyone.


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