Part 4: 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

33' Growing DomeWe thought we might be nearing a close with the construction of the 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Garden at the Rodale Institute, but this story sure has had it’s twists and turns! It turns out that Richard is headed back east to work on some finishing touches and to help with consulting on the garden bed layout and design. Obviously, we love this project and hopefully you’ll love this next installment from Richard:

Here goes, round 4…..Heeee’sss Baaaacckk!! Well almost! However, before I start my play by play, indulge me for a moment. Quite a few years ago a great saying was popularized, “Practice Random Acts of Kindness”. For me, kindness is the balance to tragedy. Kindness to oneself, others and life! Remember, it’s not what we gather but what we scatter that counts.

On to great adventure…Did they miss me? Well since I do the cooking at home I’m sure Janet missed at least that! Right?

From Pagosa Springs, CO on 4-22-13: I’m finishing off my vent making at the Growing Spaces manufacturing facility in SW Colorado so I can zoom back to PA and help complete the Growing Dome. Jan and I missed each other too much, and she needed someone to tape the very top of the Growing Dome and the vents. Did I mention how nice they look?? Kenji Ban and Chisako with Shumei have been taking the pictures you see and Jan has added some shots also in between running the show. Thanks to all the interns and volunteers, even with rainy days they have made great progress. I arrive in beautiful downtown Newark, NJ the afternoon of the 24th and it will…be continued.

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