October’s Dome of the Month – Educating the Young Ones

Teaching at the GreenhouseSo many youth do not have access to education about WHERE their food comes from and we support and uphold the movement to change that however we can. This month we would like to honor Mini University in Ohio for their dedication to the mission of gifting pre-school age children with the experience of growing their own food. In their 33′ Growing Dome these young ones delicately handle seeds they are about to put in the ground. What a great opportunity for them to slow down and pay attention to something as small and precious as a life giving seed. The community of Mini University has done a beautiful job of designing and constructing the interior of their Growing Dome. We wanted to share with you more than just the winning photo so you could see overall what a beautiful thing they’ve accomplished.

To learn more about Mini University visit their website here. To hear in their own words how the experience of building a Growing Dome has been see this previous blog post.


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