8. 33′ Reflectix & Glazing Triangles

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Attaching Reflectix & Glazing the Dome


8-W1 – Reflectix & Glazing Triangles

Click on the link to view and print the written instructions on how to fasten the reflectix and glazing to the Growing Dome Structure. Also includes instructions on finishing the glazing panels next to the operable vents.


Click on the link to view and print the diagram showing the screw patterns for the glazing triangles. 


8-V1 – North Wall Reflectix Insulation

8-V2 – Glazing the Growing Dome

Note: This video shows a 22′ dome. On a 33′ there are no operable vents. The 33′ comes with a solar attic fan and an electric fan.

Click on the link to go to the next step: 9. Attic Fan Installation