4. 33′ Dome Structure Assembly

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Double Hub Dome Structure Assembly


4-W1 – Dome Structure Assembly

Click on the link to view and print the written instructions for assembling the Growing Dome structure. Also includes the materials list.


Click on the link to view and print the paper model. Cut and assemble the model prior to constructing the Growing Dome structure. *Just in case you have not printed and assembled your paper model yet.

4-D2 – Dome Structure Aerial View (Same as 1-D2)

Click on the link to view and print an aerial diagram of the Growing Dome.

4-D3 – Hub System

Click on the link to view and print the hub system diagram.

4-D4 – Dome Leveling & Alignment

Click on the link to view and print diagram explaining the importance of a level dome and alignment of dome structure on foundation wall and how to avoid problems.

4-D5 – Hub Alignment

Click on the link to view and print diagram showing correct hub alignments.


4-V1 – Strut Identification

Note: The video shows a 15’/18′ dome. On the 33′ dome, there are two different color-coded top & bottom wall plates and four different color-coded struts (90 degree ends).

4-V2 – Simpson Plate & Backer Rod Installation

4-V3 – Installing Base Struts

Note: This video shows a 42′ dome, which uses 2×6 struts. The 33′ dome uses 2×4 struts. Also, the 33′ dome does not use “E” base struts, instead, it uses “B” and “C” base struts.

4-V4 – Strut by Strut Assembly Double Hub

Note: This video shows a 42′ dome with double hubs dome being installed. It will give a visual of placing the struts inside the two hubs and then inserting the bolts. On a 33′ dome the struts are 2×4’s not 2×6’s. Also, the 42′ dome is a 4 frequency dome. The 33′ dome is a 3 frequency dome, which uses “A”, “B”, “C” and “E” struts. Refer to the next video and the “Dome Structure Aerial View” diagram for the correct strut placement.

4-V5 – Dome Structure Assembly

Note: This video shows a 26′ dome. The process is the same except the 33′ uses a double hub system, so bolts can NOT be pre-seated.

4-V6 – Hub Alignment Double Hubs

Note: This video shows a 42′ dome. On the 33′ dome 2×4 struts are used and the geometry is different, otherwise the process is the same. Refer to the “Hub Alignment” Diagram for specifics.

4-V7 – Eyebolt Installation

Note: On the 33′ dome there should be enough room between the struts for a ‘small-handed’ person to attach the nut to the other end of the eyebolt behind the inner hub, however it is not necessary for the nut to be attached.

Click on the link to go to the next step: 5. Anchoring the Growing Dome