1. 26′ Selecting & Preparing Your Site

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Selecting and Preparing Your Site


1-M1 – Tools You Will Need

Click on the link to view the tools you will need for self-installation and a few you will need even for Growing Spaces installations.


1-W1 – Selecting Your Site

Click on the link to view the aspects to take into consideration when selecting a site for your dome.

1-W2 – Site Preparation

Click on the link to view the written instructions for preparing your site, kit arrival, and installation preparation.


1-A1 – Building Department Questionnaire

Click on the link to view and print the Building Department Questionnarie.


Click on the link to view and print the paper model. Cut and assemble the model prior to constructing the Growing Dome.

1-D2 – Dome Structure Aerial View

Click on the link to view an aerial diagram of the Growing Dome.

1-D3 – Cross Section Showing Pond and Beds

Click on the link to view a diagram showing a cross section of the dome with above ground pond and beds.


1-V1 – Considerations When Selecting Your Site

1-V2 – Kit Contents

Note: This video shows various components that may or may not come with your specific dome size.

Go to step 2a. for the gravel ring foundation instructions, go to step 2b. for the concrete piers foundation instructions, or go to step 2c. for the insulated concrete form foundation instructions. If you are having a crew or supervisor, they may be doing some of these steps. However, Site Selection and Site Preparation should be done prior to the crew or supervisor arriving.