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26′ Growing Dome Owner Reference Site

Welcome to the Dome Owner installation site.

Congratulations on your purchase of a Growing Dome! We are here to help you through the process of building your dome. There are a huge amount of resources that we have to offer and we want to simplify the process and make it easy for you so we have broken it down into steps.

→ Each step of the process will have its own page.

→ On each page you will see a picture of the current stage of the dome build.

→ On each page you will see Videos, Diagrams, and Written Instructions for each step. Some will have a materials list and additional information available.

We are still in process of updating our instructional videos. They are currently being revised, so written instructions take priority.

The Table of Steps will help you navigate through the manual. Each step is a clickable link that will bring you to a page with the instructions, diagrams, video, and material list requested. Each page will have previous step, next step, and back to the Table of Steps links so you can move from step to step with ease. After completing Step 11, you can separate the balance of steps into “inside the dome” steps and “outside the dome” steps. If you have several laborers, this will allow you to divide your crew into groups of two or more, so two or more steps are getting accomplished simultaneously. Steps 1 & 2 need to be completed before you move on to step 3.

*If you prefer to print the manual, you may view all of the documents in a list by clicking here.


  1. Selecting & Preparing Your Site
  2. Foundation Preparation
  3. Foundation Wall Construction
  4. Dome Structure Assembly
  5. Anchoring the Growing Dome
  6. Vent Installation Stage 1
  7. Snowshed Doorway Stage 1
  8. Foundation Wall Trim Strips
  9. Reflectix & Glazing Triangles
  10. Vent Installation Stage 2
  11. Snowshed Doorway Stage 2
  12. Bottom Caps at Foundation Wall
  13. Taping the Seams
  14. Foundation Wall Insulation
  15. Foundation Wall Liner
  16. Drip Edge Flashing
  17. Rodent Protection Option
  18. Above Ground Pond Stage 1
  19. Above Ground Pond Stage 2
  20. Shade Cloth Installation
  21. Perimeter Skirt Insulation Option
  22. Bed Design Options
  23. Undersoil Ventilation System & Solar Panel(s)


Below are the written instructions and videos for the available dome upgrades.

12v Solar Cooling Fan

Written Instructions: 12v Solar Cooling Fan

Video: 12v Solar Cooling Fan Stage 1

Video: 12v Solar Cooling Fan Stage 2

Solar Attic Fan

Written Instructions: Solar Attic Fan

115v Cooling Fan

Written Instructions: 115v Cooling Fan

12v Solar Waterfall

Written Instructions: Solar Waterfall for Oval Pond

Video: Solar Waterfall Installation Oval Pond


We offer several resources for our customers to help you begin planting and harvesting. View our resources by clicking on this link. Our blog contains a wealth of knowledge in many categories. View our blog by clicking this link. Our exclusive Growing Dome Owners Facebook Group is a great resource and so is our Growing Dome Enthusiasts Facebook Group. Please join the conversations by first submitting your request. We approve requests each business day.