2c. 22′ Layout for Insulated Concrete Forms Foundation Option

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Insulated Concrete Form Foundation Option
Insulated Concrete Form Foundation Option


2c-M1 – Owner Supplied List for ICF Foundation

Click on the link to view the owner supplied list for ICF foundation option. *Note: these items must be on-site before constructing the Growing Dome, especially if you have a Growing Spaces supervisor or crew hired for installation.


2c-W1 – Laying Out Your Dome

Click on the link to view the written instructions for laying out your dome. This will then be expanded upon with additional instructions for an ICF foundation, see below. *Note: True north may be found using this tool if you do not know what your magnetic declination is.

2c-W2 – Using Insulated Concrete Forms

Click on the link to view expanded instructions and considerations when using insulated concrete forms.


Click on the link to view and print the Growing Dome ICF layout.

2c-D2 – Plans for Insulated Concrete Form Foundation

Click on the link to view the engineered plans for the ICF foundation option. The native print size of this document is 24″ x 36″, which can be printed at a local print shop. It can also be printed at home on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper by selecting: size, actual size. Under properties, select “on” for borderless printing. Then select Poster, 100% scale, .000″ overlap, and print! Finally, tape the 12 pages together.


2c-V1 – Foundation Layout for ICF

2c-V2 – Foundation Layout Alternative

Click on the link to go to the next step: 3. Foundation Wall Construction. If you are having a crew or supervisor, they may be doing some of these steps. However, Site Selection and Site Preparation should be done prior to the crew or supervisor arriving.