National Food Day Celebration Growing Dome Style

Here’s a report on the National Food Day Celebration that took place in two different Growing Domes in Colorado Springs, CO from the Bent County Democrat:

“A magnet school in Colorado Springs and a demonstration garden in Woodland Park were among 20,000 venues in all 50 states hosting events held in conjunction with Food Day on Oct. 24. Food Day, re-launched by Science in the Public Interest after a 34-year hiatus with support from more than 120 partner organizations, was aimed at promoting fresher, less processed food and generated considerable press coverage.

The two Colorado Springs-area projects showed that geodesic dome structures, first built in the 1960s, remain a popular design for greenhouses that can weather the winds and snows of a harsh winter climate while relying entirely on free energy from the sun.

A 40-foot model at the Galileo School of Math and Science , filled with crispy green lettuces, was shown off as a crown jewel in the district’s “Good Food Project” aimed at serving healthier school lunches…”

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