Mission: Wolf, Off Grid Greenhouse Gardening

Off-Grid Greenhouse: Two Indoor Gardens at 9,000 ft. Elevation.

off grid greenhouses

Does off-grid gardening seem impossible? Mission: Wolf accomplishes mission impossible. Not one, but two, Growing Dome off-grid greenhouses at a staggering 9,000 ft.  Their secret? Not green thumbs. Wolves.

Mission: Wolf proves truly unique. The wolf sanctuary in Westcliffe, CO, serves not only as a refuge for wolves, but a creative education space for visionaries like Kent Weber, founder of Mission: Wolf.

“We don’t let anyone buy their way in here or come here because they have more knowledge than someone, it is simply open to anybody at anytime that can simply find us.” -Kent Weber

Mission: Wolf has one mission: education.

They believe in hands on learning to inform visitors on the beauty of wolves and importance of sustainable living practices like off-grid gardening.

two people talking on an off grid farm

“That’s the one thing at Mission: Wolf. We try to let every person that comes here, physically, get their hands dirty.” -Kent Weber

Whether people visit for a day or seeking a longer stay, many find personal growth and development inevitable.

Likewise, as Mission: Wolf continues to grow their off-grid operation, the Growing Domes became Mission: Wolf’s first structure made of brand new materials.

“We use all recycled materials. I have for thirty-two years until I bought a Growing Dome.” -Kent Weber

off grid greenhouses with a mountain view

Mission: Wolf knew that their philosophies aligned with the Growing Spaces philosophies of working with nature.

The self sufficient features of the Off-Grid Growing Dome Greenhouse allow for off-grid gardening at Mission: Wolf.  They provide produce for visitors, community members, and even the wolves all year round. 

a wolf on an off grid sanctuary

If you want to visit or volunteer at Mission: Wolf check out their website at missionwolf.org.     

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Jason Stuck
For three days in March 2008 Jason Stuck shoveled gravel into a Growing Spaces’ 33’ Growing Dome. That was Jason's first “project” working for Growing Spaces. Jason easily fell in love with the product, the people, and the philosophy of helping the earth by helping others grow their own food. Jason wore many hats at Growing Spaces over the years. Shovel slinger, metal fabricator, shopkeeper and author. Jason wrote many articles for our website and newsletter.

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