Durango Students Lead Movement in Eating Locally Grown Food

Durango Students

Animas Valley students and their 22′ Growing Dome school greenhouse make big news, eating locally grown food.

From the Durango Herald newspaper November 18, 2014:

Students and faculty at Animas Valley Elementary School were busy on Thursday afternoon collecting tomatoes, red lettuce, radishes and a few carrots from a greenhouse and garden on the premises. Coordinator Cody Reinheimer, back right, said most of it will go toward the school’s food assistance program for families in need, and the rest will be served in the cafeteria. Thanks to school greenhouses and the Farm to School program, 20 percent of the food Durango students eat at school is grown locally.”

Read more at: http://durangoherald.com/article/20131118/NEWS01/131119591/-1/News01/Eating-fresh-eating-healthy-

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