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Funky Food Walk Up Restaurant with a Growing Dome Greenhouse

Rachel’s Keep On Keepin’ On & Coffee

Rachel is one of those people who never really liked working for anyone else. Luckily, she is also one of those people who believes that you can “manifest your dreams”…and manifest them, she did. In 2015, Rachel used her skills as a certified chef to open a quirky farm-to-table food truck, coffee shop, and shed greenhouse in South Fork, Colorado, dedicated to fresh local eats.

How it Came About

Rachels Food Truck next to the She Shed Greenhouse

It started when Rachel’s father offered to buy her a house. She knew right away that she would rather buy a business. So after presenting her father with a business plan for her idea, he jumped on board. Rachel used her father’s investment to buy a small used Mexican sushi food truck that was wrapped in Pink Floyd graphics. After fixing up the truck (she is a Grateful Dead fan), Rachel traveled around sharing her yummy eats before getting engaged and settling down in South Fork with her partner Lee. They also elaborately decorated an old shipping container that serves as the Coffee Shop.

She Shed Greenhouse

Rachel in her She Shed Greenhouse
Rachel in the Greenhouse Seating Area

The business was booming, but they still needed a permanent place for customers to relax in the winter. Rachel was dreaming of a space that matched her eclectic theme and future vision. After a visit to Joyful Journey Hot Springs with friends, Rachel found the perfect solution to her problem. With a little more manifesting and help from Lee, Rachel purchased a 26′ Growing Dome Greenhouse.

“The Growing Dome is so rad. I wanted something unique and groovy, and that’s what I got. It brings the outdoors indoors, like a little oasis.”


It is important to note that they do not use their greenhouse to grow food, only decorative plants, and flowers. It is just a warm, inviting place for customers to relax, eat, and drink amongst the flowers, fish, and unique artwork. A local craftsman designed the stone gardening beds with built-in benches and added log tables to make the space even more harmonious with nature. Rachel describes it as Koko’s She Shed Greenhouse.

Inside Rachel's She Shed Greenhouse
Kokos She Shed Greenhouse Seating Area

They already have customers who can’t get enough and are coming back regularly to have a coffee in the Growing Dome. Rachel is “so excited for this winter” to have a warm, cozy space for customers to enjoy a hot java on a cold Colorado day. Rachel also plans to purchase another Growing Dome Greenhouse that will be dedicated to growing fresh produce for the food truck.

Keep on Keepin' On Menu
The menu is constantly changing

What to Expect on Your Visit

Everything at Rachel’s is fresh and local! Starting at 6 am, you can get a piping hot expresso made with organic, free-trade small-batch coffee from Moffat, CO. The Food truck opens at 11 am and the menu is bursting with Rachel’s creative spins on your favorite dishes. From loaded burritos to stacked sandwiches, there is something for everyone. The beef comes from Lee and Rachel’s grass-fed cows raised in the valley. The potatoes are grown on Lee’s farm in Center, CO and all of the other meat comes from Scanga Local Meat Company based out of Salida, CO. But her absolute must-have is the Bread Pudding made from homemade cinnamon rolls.

The next time you are in South Fork, stop by Rachel’s Keep on Keepin On & Coffee, where they believe “farm to table is the healthiest way to go.” You can even play a round of put-put golf for $5 in the summer months. Their current hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 7:30 – 4 pm, Sunday, 7:30 -11 am, closed Mondays. If you aren’t sure you can always tell if they are open by checking the stoplight. If it’s green you’re good to go. But make sure to check out the She Shed Greenhouse garden seating!

Outside of Rachel's She Shed Greenhouse
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