Learning About GMO’s

Talking GMO'sby Puja Dhyan Parsons

I have called myself “A-Political” forever and find that as I read about the health dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), I am drawn into the commitment to let my legislators know that sanity is needed and more education shows that we simply must turn the tide of food policies toward natural living. When I think about how recently the whole world ate organic living food and had a natural healthy diet, in spite of the effort to grow, or hunt or find it…..I am amazed to realize how quickly modern man has altered the health of our ecosphere, and thus our bodies.

When we started Growing Spaces, we were moved by our knowledge of how nutrition affects body and psyche, and upheld the vision of Buckminster Fuller to feed the world through innovative design. As direct beneficiaries of his vision joined with John Denver’s participation in the Hunger Project, our lives were in sync with a bigger purpose anyway. We had participated in a successful experiment to shift an overgrazed sheep ranch back to its natural ecology in 4 years, and we were already learning about the toll that the industrial models had taken on our psychologies.

Each era has its challenge and blessing and as I look at my own, while becoming an elder, I am amazed at the revolutionary spirit that was still overshadowed by a compliance with ignorance. It is kinder to call it “innocence” as much as happened behind closed doors, but the gift of the internet now is that we can all study.

I spent my Sunday last week studying Genetically Modified Organisms. The impact of what I learned brought great grief, much like studying the loss of glaciers today, or looking at the reality of our polluted oceans. I wanted the scientific evidence and to really “face the facts.” As I read and watched, I found myself realizing that the food allergies, sensitivities and digestion problems in myself and my husband and so many of our friends and their children, are directly related to the fact that hidden Genetically Modified Organisms are already in 60% of our food system and water.

Udgar and I eat pretty “healthy”, as you can imagine. We are very blessed by our Growing Dome gardens and the time we take to cook wisely. But there is much the average person experiences that is beyond control.  I was amazed to learn that the front for Monsanto’s destruction of the seed banks and natural organic crops, is touted as “feeding the world”.

Today, I cannot even go into the facts, but rather invite you to read and see them yourself. The most informative movie is on YouTube, and if you can’t watch more than the 17 min. trailer you should do so. It is called “Genetic Roulette” by Joe Palmer. After enduring all the facts there are many good suggestions at the end.

The situation is perilous: nearly all of human food production, seeds, food processing and sales, is run by a handful of for-profit firms which, like any capitalist enterprise, function to maximize profit and gain ever-greater market share and control. The question has become: What do we do about this disastrous alignment of pure profit in something so basic and fundamental to human survival?” says Christopher D. Cook in his Diet for a Dead Planet, Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis.

This situation that has been created for us all in the last ten years, is so discouraging when you get the facts, but can also so motivating. I came to understand that each of us can only do our best to solve the problem for ourselves and those around us, in our habits of cooking, growing, buying food and keeping our own standards as much as possible. Each time I read a label, and make a choice to buy or not to buy, I am empowering the truth that is needed for health, or letting go. Each time I plant or water or prune or learn a little more about gardening, I am ensuring my own quality of life.

Puja Dhyan Parsons is the CEO and co-owner of Growing Spaces, LLC.


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  • Puja – thanks so much for the great article. This is a very big global issue. I feel it’s so important that many individuals obtain Heirloom seeds (which I think you have listings for somewhere?) and begin growing food at home, even in neighborhoods, pots, domes, and gardens. I feel it’s one of the most positive solutions possible; along with staying in our hearts which can overcome much insanity in this world. Love and blessings to you guys in your work & all who take the steps toward sustainability.

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