Holiday Solstice 2017

As I think about my experience shopping yesterday, as everyone prepares for the holidays in our town, I am struck by the Holiday energy, thoughts about ending 2017, and affirming what will be healthy for the New Year.  The offer of a “21 Day Pilates Holiday Slimdown” reminds me of the urge to improve in the New Year, and the need to assess how we are doing, personally and professionally.

My area of “improvement” is always around the choices for health and balance versus my naturally driven “git-er-done” kind of personality. I am called “Results-Driven” in many profiles, and I am constantly re-learning how to take care of myself, especially physically. However, last night I had a dream about wholeness and integration. The dream provided me with a sense of natural balance and strength that comes with healthy choices and alignment within. It reminded me that I already know how to do this, and indeed, it already is who I am. I just have to re-commit and refine the foundational support system to strengthen my healthy habits. I am ready!

15' growing Dome greenhouse in the snow


The mission and vision of Growing Spaces® is to help customers have access to fresh, home grown food. Our Growing Dome® offers this choice to the world by creating protected indoor gardens with sustainable (solar) sources of energy. Our business is about creating healthy lifestyles.

We live in the Rocky Mountains with a short growing season, so we solved the problem of year-round growing “at altitude.” This is especially relevant to many schools and community organizations. Underneath our mission is a desire to protect and honor Nature, so we may learn from her lessons and teach a holistic view of life. We feel fortunate to live in a beautiful rural setting, away from the stresses of big city life, and we think about the kids who have never skied, or fished, or hiked in these beautiful mountains.

Man fly fishing in a high alpine lake


While I drove around yesterday, I listened to an interview from the founder of a project called Christmas in the City in Boston, Massachusetts on Rocky Mountain PBS. By the end of the interview, I was crying. I felt the JOY in the founder as he celebrated their success and delightful experiences of humans GIVING. Their mission depends upon the generosity of donors and hundreds of volunteers who create the Christmas event for thousands of kids and families in need. Their sit down dinner and personalized gifts have been provided since 1989 by a non-profit organization that makes no money, pays no salaries, and is totally sustained through gifting and donations on all levels.

Dedicated to relieving the impacts of homelessness and poverty on Boston-area families

Children partaking in hoilday crafts

“Each year, Christmas in the City brings holiday magic to thousands of Boston-area kids and their families – kids and families who’ve been experiencing the uncertainty of homelessness and the stress of poverty. Our annual party for those living in homeless shelters is a spectacular, go-all-out holiday event that many kids tell us is the best day of their lives. We also “play Santa” to thousands of other children who live in poverty, and provide assistance throughout the year to help families successfully transition from homelessness to independent living.”

Yesterday, as I flowed around our little town of Pagosa Springs, preparing for our staff Christmas party, I felt the Christmas Spirit in families shopping and greeting one another, the sound of Christmas Carols in the stores, and the ringing of the bell for Salvation Army donations. I couldn’t help but ruminate about the message of Christmas and the birth of LOVE in the story of baby Jesus. The spirit of GIVING, exemplified by Christmas in the City, is so relevant to us today, as our country is challenged to reclaim its values, and so many families may be impacted by changing laws and programs.

I thought about the journey of operating Growing Spaces for almost 30 years, the same amount of time as Christmas in the City, and how we become a socially responsible business that provides “ACCESS” to safe, organic food. I remember the day that Udgar realized he “had to make this available to the world” after stepping inside the original Windstar Biodome on a cold November Day in Snowmass, Colorado in 1987.

Udgar holding an orange grown in a Growing Dome greenhouse

Our mission to help teach and coach people how to live a more natural lifestyle through purchasing a Growing Dome encourages a healthy future for both the people and the planet. Our customer-service, videos, manuals, seminars, blogs, and especially our Growing Dome Enthusiasts page on Facebook, provide the supportive “community” for our customers.

We live that lifestyle, and it grows with the joys and benefits of gardening fresh, tasty food.

We send our blessings to all in this Holiday Season, and affirm that life can be lived more abundantly in the heart-full remembrance that we are indeed a human community on a beautiful planet that gives us the opportunity to thrive, even where there is challenge, illness, loss, or degradation.

Let our choices in 2018 be informed by the joy of giving. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Peace on Earth and good will to all!

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Puja Dhyan Parsons Former CEO of Growing Spaces, Co-Founder
Puja Dhyan Parsons was the CEO and Co-Founder of Growing Spaces LLC established in 1989. "Puja was the heart and soul of Growing Spaces and her spirit will always live on within the company and within each person whose life she touched. Her love for life and passion for nature was visible to all and she was a true light in the lives of everyone who knew her." Growing Spaces Staff

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