Happy Holidays …

Happy Holidays

This is the time of year that my inner child delights in the music, Christmas lights and spirit of giving. My excitement is an appreciation for the turning inward of the shorter days, the relief of cozying our home and coming inside for more reflection. A reverence for inwardness symbolized by the Solstice, as well as the new birth of humanity’s potential in Christmas informs my inner spirit. It is a time to feel the gratitude we have for family, friends and co-workers. At this time I am drawn to count my blessings, and to reflect on the year almost past.

This year, the added recognition that our usual Southern Colorado snows haven’t yet come, and that the summer may mean even more forest fires, or that the lakes and streams we depend upon, will be scarce, and the beetle-kill of our forests is growing, makes me want to “hold steady” and send prayers for the planet. As I talk to friends, I am aware that the middle class is still struggling to recover and re-design the lives we live. We are perhaps learning to be resilient and finding new ways to enjoy a quality of life post-recession. We are joining together more. Community and family seem really important.

I am speaking for us all at Growing Spaces, when I send our blessings and thanks to all the associates, students and customers who have contributed to our experience of 2012. It has been such a joy to see and share in all of your gardening projects. May we always find light in the darkness that any of us face, and may we learn to see opportunity in any challenge.

We send our gratitude, and wish you peace.

Happy growing!

Puja Dhyan Parsons, CEO & Co-Owner


  • Looking forward to visiting your company in 2013 while on vacation. Can’t wait to see the domes in person and learn more about this great resource.

    • Hello Shawn!

      Good to hear you are still planning a visit. Give us a heads up on dates and we are looking forward to seeing you!


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