2010 CO Companies to Watch

Growing Spaces receives statewide recognition

The State of Colorado recently recognized second-stage growth companies that are developing valuable products and services, creating quality jobs, enriching communities, and creating new industries throughout the state.

The program, called “CO Companies to Watch” had several hundred companies in the annual competition, but only 50 of them were named as 2010 CO Companies to Watch award winners. One of the 50 companies was local business, Growing Spaces, LLC, the manufacturer of the geodesic Growing Dome® greenhouse. Anyone can nominate a company for the award. Growing Spaces was nominated by Joe Keck and Lynn Asano of Southwest Colorado’s Small Business Development Center.

Growing Spaces, located in Pagosa Springs Colorado, has been in business for over 21 years.  The company has supplied the Growing Dome to more than 1,200 clients in 48 states, and 11 countries. Best-known customers include Toyota Motor Co., Shumei Natural Gardens at Rodale Institute, and Naropa University.

Using technology in combination with wind, sun, water and earth, Growing Domes are efficient yet affordable. They allow the growth of fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit, and herbs year round, with minimal extra heating or cooling.

The dome structure resists wind and weather, and has an enormous amount of growing space. Even a 15’ Growing Dome can produce 400-500 pounds of produce per year – enough to feed two or three adults.

Yet, the dome is popular for more than growing plants. Its beauty and serene environment is perfect as a sanctuary for an enclosed hot tub, a relaxation/meditation space, or a community gathering place. As an off-the-grid enclosed indoor garden space, it is a living classroom for over 35 schools and 8 Indian Reservations and a shared garden for several communities and neighborhoods.  As such, the Growing Dome teaches people to work with natural systems and the seasons in planting and growing, as well as re-directing our use of fossil fuels for energy to renewable ones. It is designed to be successful in remote areas and on rooftops, as well as expanding the growing seasons in difficult climates.

The company has tripled its sales and continued to expand its workforce over the last few years, with all of its hiring coming from the Pagosa Springs area.  Growing Spaces is a direct-based business, meaning they contribute to the local community by having 50% or more of their sales coming from outside of the community. This expands the local economy, making more dollars available to its residents. Part of that growth has been in providing Growing Domes for communities, educational institutions and small farms.

Whether it’s a community like the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community wanting to re-introduce native and indigenous foods or a school like Rio Gallinas wanting to change how its children eat and teach them where food comes from, Growing Spaces provides a year-round greenhouse and the knowledge to help them grow. Their staff is well-equipped to offer classes in permaculture, sustainability, holistic health, and sustainability.

Through its brilliant design construction and renewable energy use, the Growing Dome® provides an optimal environment for those wishing to grow fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits throughout the year.  At the same time, the dome dramatically shrinks the environmental footprint by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Aiming to be a part of the “solution” to the problems of our times, Growing Spaces models the success of economic viability and social responsibility along with environmental sensitivity.

If you would like more information on Growing Spaces and owning your own Growing Dome, please feel free to call us at 800-753-9333 or visit us at www.GrowingSpaces.com

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