Growing Spaces Change of Ownership

Growing Spaces® Founders Puja and Udgar Parsons Pass the Baton

New Ownership at Growing Spaces and What it Might Mean for the Future of the Growing Dome®

A Growing Spaces change of ownership is shifting up the company geometry.

Puja and Udgar are riding off into the sunset to stoke romance, share energy with kids and grand-kids, and follow the muse into the next phase of life.

Meanwhile, the team, community, and supporters of Growing Spaces are rallying behind the new captain of the ship.

It would be off mark to claim we’re not going anywhere; we’re moving through an exciting time of flux and change and at the same time, we’re not going anywhere.

Growing Spaces Change of Ownership: a Shift in a Positive Direction

Change is good. They say it’s a constant in our universe. But, we all know change can sometimes make a mess of things. However, as you’ll see, in this case it all lines up perfect and good. To be clear, Puja and Udgar Parsons are retiring. They have sold Growing Spaces. Our ever-present Growing Spaces anchors have handed over a creation they’ve nurtured for the past 30 years.

It’s time for them.

Growing Spaces change of ownership
Puja and Udgar sailing off into the sunset

With hearts full of gratitude, and tears flowing with celebration, they’ve left Growing Spaces in good hands with the new owners.

Meet Lem and Liz, the New Owners of Growing Spaces

Puja and Udgar would not hand over the keys to the Dome to anyone. Their carefully calculated judgment turned away many potential new owners. They would not leave until they confidently found someone who could maintain the company core values, while at the same time, move the business forward to the next stage it’s calling for.

The right people were found in Lem and Liz Tingley.

Growing Spaces change of ownership.
Puja Udgar Lem and Liz

Meet the new owners of Growing Spaces – Lem and Liz. 

Growing Spaces change of ownership
The Tingley Family

Lem and Liz currently live in Golden, Colorado with their three boys. 

Growing Spaces change of ownership
Golden CO

For some time, they’ve searched for the right company to fit their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Lem’s background is in product design and manufacturing. He wanted a Colorado-based manufacturing company that makes innovative and environmentally friendly products. Lem and Liz were both excited to find this opportunity in Growing Spaces, where they promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles through the manufacturing and installation of the Growing Dome.  

Lem’s technical expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and quality control, coupled with his core values, provides a perfect match for being the new leader of this values based manufacturing company.

Something to know, Lem and Liz had their own vetting process too. They are not the type of people to take over any old enterprise simply for the sake of being business owners. They exercised their own carefully calculated judgment and turned away potential businesses on the road to acquiring Growing Spaces.

Now, with Lem and Liz teamed up with Growing Spaces, they’re leading a company where they will excel with their expertise and fulfill their desire to do something meaningful for people, our community, and the planet.

Where is Growing Spaces Going?

Growing Spaces isn’t going anywhere. We are Colorado proud and love our mountain town of Pagosa Springs. We are honored to be a Colorado company. The Growing Dome is built in Colorado, for Colorado. While the Growing Dome performs across various climates and geographies, it’s home is the Rocky Mountains.

Our team members aren’t going anywhere, except travelling the country to install Growing Domes.

Our facility isn’t going anywhere. We’re staying put, right here in Pagosa Springs.

Our values and commitments to people and the planet aren’t going anywhere either.

Service to our customers and community stands fast as the cornerstone of who we are, how we do business, and how we navigate the world.

Under Lem’s leadership, Growing Spaces manufacturing will stay in Pagosa Springs, and we will continue to serve our community with meaningful work and a powerful product.

Where are Puja and Udgar Going?

We don’t know where Puja and Udgar are going. Chances are they’ll be harvesting golden moments of time and energy shared with kids and grandkids. You’ll likely find them soaking it up at the local hot springs.

Growing Spaces change of ownership
Rough place to retire

And watch for their boats on open water at Echo and Navajo lake.

Growing Spaces change of ownership.
“There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Ratty to Mole, Wind in the Willows

Certainly, they’ll be tending their Growing Dome. And sitting in a quiet forest, peaceful, watching. Above all, Puja and Udgar are poised to hear the muse and follow her into the next…we don’t know where. 

What we do know is that our team: staff, community, friends and family, are coming together to support Puja and Udgar on their next adventure.

And we are all rallying behind Lem and his aligned vision for Growing Spaces.

Growing Spaces change of ownership.
Lem and crew

What to Expect From Growing Spaces Change of Ownership

After all that it’s not true to say Growing Spaces isn’t going anywhere. For sure, we’re staying rooted in who we are; however, we are going places. 

With Lem’s guidance, we are refining our manufacturing process. Internally, we are implementing improvements to our facilities, systems, and our products. Quality control and manufacturing are Lem’s strong suits, and with his help, we are continuing the never-ending path of self-improvement.

Moreover, we are charging forward with our mission and purpose into the world. Growing Spaces is dedicated to helping as many people as we can who want healthy lifestyles and successful gardens. 

We’re not slowing down, we’re not going away. In fact, watch for domes popping up and growing food in a landscape near you.

How to Participate: Add Your Voice to this Exciting Time

Puja and Udgar are celebrated as they go.

Their years of service and dedication to people, planet, and community inspire the future of Growing Spaces. They have built a beautiful thriving business and a supportive learning community for staff, Growing Dome owners, and people on the path of living healthy natural lifestyles.

Lem and Liz are carrying that torch forward with confidence and enthusiasm. Their unique gifts and backgrounds are positioned to propel Growing Spaces into a new era of business development.

Right now is an exciting time. It’s heartfelt and bittersweet as Puja and Udgar weigh anchor, ready to depart. Also, it’s full of potential and kinetic energy as Lem carries us forward into tomorrow.

Do me a favor. Wish them well; all of them. 

Leave a comment and send Puja and Udgar on their journey in any way that feels good to you. And, just as important, take a moment to welcome Lem and Liz into their lively new roles as owners of Growing Spaces. This transition feels natural and right.  

garden greenhouse growing spaces

From the staff…

Thank you Udgar. Thank you Puja.

And Lem and Liz, we’ve got your back.



  • Congratulations Puja and Udgar on a job well done and your contribution to the most significant change in greenhouse growing in the past 100 years. You are truly pioneers! Thank you for leaving Growing Domes in the capable and caring hands of Lem and Liz. Best of luck Lem & Liz as the next generation of the Growing Dome guardians.

  • Congrats Puja and Udgar, it’s been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. Ben and I wish you the best in this new chapter!

  • May your vision, energy, and passion be with you as your tomorrows unfold. We are forever thankful with our purchase of a 15′ Growing Spaces Dome–this past winter in Petersburg, Alaska we had an extended cold spell but inside our Dome our bounty of vegetables were thriving.
    Kindest regards,
    Ed & Suzanne (West) Wood

    • Great to hear Ed and Suzanne, glad you guys were able to get through the Alaska winter with fresh veggies!

  • Our Saratoga Springs, Utah Growing Dome is beautiful and full of life, peace and comfort. We don’t personally know Udgar or Puja but think the Dome must reflect their hearts. Your life’s work has touched our family in wonderful ways. Thank you. Please continue enjoying the journey.

    • Thanks Mike and Stephanie, great to hear your Growing Dome in Utah is thriving! Liz and I will be in the SLC area in July, and would love to come by if you are available.

    • Thanks for knowing it was our life’s work…as we couldn’t not make this opportunity available. Now we get to enjoy our own domes and live the healthy lifestyle on a deeper level, ourselves.. Ours as a couple, and it is so great to get this kind of feedback, as we were really intending for what you are saying to us. Best, Puja Dhyan

  • Happy Trails to you both. While I don’t YET have my growing dome it is my wish to sail into my sunset years in my own growing Dome in the very near future. We are moving out of the big city and on to our next fun phase of life. So your move is inspiring and hopefully we can voyeur into your next phase as it has been a joy to watch all the videos from Growing Dome World.

  • Hello Udgar and Puja . It been a while. Good fortune with whatever is next for You. Jon Schulz from Paonia CO. Glad Growing Spaces is in good hands.

  • It is rare that people like Udgar & Puja had a “natural vision” and followed it. I hope that they enjoy another “sustainable” and softer place to land. It is more rare to find the right people to “replace” that natural vision.

    I feel with my whole heart that they have made the correct and sustainable decision… by attracting Lem, Liz, and their boys. My only wish is that more people would learn to adapt and evolve and help to sustain our natural resources… like food.

    • Thanks Jeff…we do hope to carry on Puja and Udgar’s vision for more sustainable food sources and healthier living. They have been such an inspiration to Liz and I!

    • Thanks for your sincerity and sharing of values.. It has been a wonderful journey and we are so blessed to hear your acknowledgement and to have found the right successors.

  • Udgar & Puja, thanks for your vision and ingenuity that inspired us to build our Dome and foster new growth of food, herbs, flowers, and fun for our family. We look forward to meeting Lem & Liz as they pass through Salida and wish them good luck as they take up the baton of Growing Spaces!

    • Thanks Tom and Mary! We pass through Salida quite frequently, and would love to stop by for a visit! I will give you a call.

    • We now have time to come as well. We are hoping to see many domes while in retirement, as we didn’t have the time to visit before. Thank you for your blessings,
      P and U Parsons

  • Best wishes for your retirement! We are right behind you, and are looking forward to growing our own food with a Growing Dome. We look forward to meeting you this summer in Pagosa Springs.

    Stephen & Lisa, Denver

  • So much gratitude Puja and Udgar for your blessed work in the world. Wishing you all the best on your future journeys for success, joy and perfect health. I cannot express how much joy I feel every time I go into my dome.

    Welcome Lem, Liz and family!

    With appreciation and gratitude,

    • I have the same joy in mine, and I love hearing this from you. Thank you for your well wishes.

  • In many ways as a committed couple we have shared the same vision. We wish you both peace, love and happiness in this next chapter of your lives. I am going to own a dome one day in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, evangelize this wonderful product and be an example to urban growers in Calgary.
    Thank you for all that you have sacrificed and built for our world.

  • Best wishes to both of you. The growing dome that I purchased last spring is doing well.

    Jack Wicke
    St. Charles, MI

  • Haven’t bought my dome yet but have been looking into it for a few months. Now with new ownership I will soon begin the process of inquiring into the engineering aspects of building the dome, materials to use, construction issues and development of growing spaces. Looking forward to it.


  • Puja and Udgar, my hubby introduced me to growing domes 4 years ago. We visited you in Pagosa Springs 1 1/2 years ago. We hadn’t purchased yet, as we are travel nurses, and aren’t home all the time. I lost my dearest husband in Oct. My commitment to continue our dream is stronger than ever. So, Lem and Liz, welcome to sharing the dreams and visions of many! Puja and Udgar, happy trails, and THANK YOU!!

    • Teresa, so sorry to hear about your husband and thank you for all you do! We are here to support you in realizing your dream.

  • all the best to you two! , may destiny smile on your projects and a long happy life light your trails!

  • Udgar and Puja, thank you so much for starting and nurturing growing spaces. We just built our dome this year and it’s amazing. We can see how so many years of care and adjustments have made them the best greenhouses out there. And the community support is amazing. We can finally grow hot weather crops in the Northwest and it’s amazing to be able to show our kids how real food grows.

    And welcome Lem and Liz, hopefully you can take this to the next level and get even more people growing their own healthy food.

  • My heart is gladdened by the outpouring of love and support from everyone responding
    It has truly been a love affair with the Growing Dome for the last 29 years
    I never fail to be awed by this wonderful journey and all the awesome people we have met over the years
    I feel we have been inspired by Buckminster Fuller and John Denver and their vision and commitment to caring for our planet and all who call her home
    Thank you everyone who reached out to us
    Blessings on the journey

    • Thank you, for following your inspiration from Buckminster Fuller. I always wanted to build a geodistic dome house after meeting him back in college in Illinois in 1973 when he spoke to us. But better yet I now have a green house dome thanks to you, Udgar and your wife Puja! I am so blessed to have met both of you after I bought my 22 foot dome for our place here in Montrose, Colorado last year. I am looking forward to showing my grandson how to grow great healthy food! I look forward to meeting Lem and Liz!

  • Congratulations on your retirement Udgar and Puja! You have left a life of hard work and accomplishment and left the world a much better place!
    And congratulations Lem and Liz! Patti and I met you at the Evergreen Home and Garden show. You are now guiding the production of a wonderful product.

    • Thanks Paul and Patti, and thanks for showing your Dome on the Evergreen tour this weekend! We are looking forward to it!

  • CONGRATS! Know the feeling, we sold our biz after 27 years of ownership in February….can be a bittersweet moment but you will get used to being FREE!

  • Puja and Udgar, have a wonderful, fun filled life with your family and friends. My Growing Dome is 15 years old and still going strong here in Steamboat Springs. Thank you for the wonderful product that provides a lot of food for our family and friends. Enjoy!

  • Udgar and Puga, We are just starting our journey. All we have so far is a hopefully leveled site and a dome kit ready to be opened. Like you I am retiring and plan to spend most of my time lovingly tending my piece of heaven inside my Dome!

    Thank you for getting us this far. Happy trails. We look forward to working with the new management.

    Hallette and Bobby Salazar

  • I have never had the pleasure of meeting you Udgar or your beautiful bride in person yet the growing dome concept has intrigued me for years and your videos and tours have me saving every penny for my first dome. This maybe possible by fall and I have every confidence your choice of new owners was not an easy decision but my gut tells me you made a wise choice. I pray you all enjoy retirement to its fullest with the most important thing in life, family! To Lem and Liz welcome to the growing dome family, I hope to become a member soon, may your next 30 plus years be as much of an adventure as it has been for Udgar and Puja!

    • Thanks Brad, we appreciate the thoughtful words. We are excited to be part of the Growing Spaces family, and wish you well in your pursuit of a Growing Dome. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  • Best wishes in your retirement Udgar and Puja. Our 22′ dome you installed in Oct 2003 has changed our lives and our friends with whom we share our bounty of Myer Lemons, lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, onions and roses. Rose and I are thankful also for your crew and the prompt attention and care they have lavished on our dome over the last 15 years. We look forward to meeting Len and Liz and wish them well. They are welcome to visit our dome at 1304 Hersch Avenue which sits 30′ from our back door. Gary and Rose Cheadle

  • Thank You Puja and Udgar for the awesome geo-dome vision and experience, the real growing tech deal!
    Welcome Lem and Liz to relay the Excellence!
    Many Blessings to all!

  • Udgar and Puga — We send our regards and best wishes for your continued joy in the new adventures ahead. We have loved our two growing domes and the ingenuity and thought that went into them. Working with you and knowing you has been a pleasure. We have learned so much and continue to enhance our gardening skills. We look forward to working with Lem and Liz in the future. Welcome!

    • Thank you for your years of energy and support and letting me record you that day when you were gushing about finding your next home with your next dome. It is a happy memory now!

  • Puja and Udgar! So excited to hear that you are ready to move on to this next stage of life. During my time under your employ, I came to respect not just as my bosses, but as phenomenal humans who had a unique excitement for growing in an elevated atmosphere. You changed the atmosphere, both literally and spiritually, and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. I love you guys to the moon and back, and I still tell tales of my time under the domes. Wishing you the best of luck in the future. XOX

    • We love you too and know you have a brilliant future. How incredible to be served by you as an intern and an inspiration. I am so touched by your words Isaiah.

  • Heartfelt Thank you! Growing domes has always been an inspiration. I wish for you all the magical moments you can garner. Welcome to Lem, Liz and family. Looking forward to the tour in Evergreen this Saturday, and continuing on.

  • Happy to hear all is going forward. I have been treated with nothing but kindness and respect from Growing Spaces, and the improvements made year to year have been obvious to me. My offer still stands for anyone wanting to see a dome in real life in SE New Mexico, please feel free to have them contact me. My 33 is SO much more than a greenhouse, it is part of my world now. Oh, and I eat healthier, too. (So do my cows)

  • Hugs and wonderful wishes for great times ahead for you Puja and Udgar, You have been a amazing force in Pagosa Country and I have enjoyed our work together, in Workforce and the county over the years. Blessings to you and Enjoy. Excited to have family coming in and thru Pagosa. Hugs and Successful future to all of Growing Spaces Team!

    • Ronnie it was so much fun to be your cohort I our common journey with Workforce De elopement and the State gigs. You have always inspired me as a leader and innovator and I am honored to know you. Fun to know you are “in the family” with our successors too!

    • Thanks Ronnie! Having family in Pagosa was also an important factor for us, and we have such wonderful memories of all the family get togethers we had in Pagosa. Appreciate the support!

  • Best wishes to you, Puja and Udgar, on your retirement. Our dome has enriched our lives and we thank you for all your dedication bringing such joy to all of us. Don’t look back there are exciting times ahead. We have been retired six years and it has been so much fun!
    Happy retirement,
    Kathy and Norm Walker

  • Thanks for your well wishes Kathy, and we are encouraged. It is such an amazing thing to look forward into a quieter time now. We are so grateful, just to have found LIz and Lem and to know everything is in good hands with the support of our amazing staff.
    Puja and Udgar

  • I love the words “enriched our lives” Kathy. That is so rewarding!
    All the best,
    P and U Parsons

  • Congratulations to you two! The domes are nothing short of amazing! Wishing you many, many years of joy in this next adventure of your life!

    • So nice to hear from you and to remember our “era” together.. thank you for your contributions to GS…and to our growing the company. Best, Puja

  • Dear Puja, Udgar, Lem, Liz and family,
    We are thrilled with the beauty and integrity of your onward movement. Just like the integrity you have nurtured so carefully into your business. May your onward journeys bring all you desire.
    We continue to love and work our green house dome in the high desert of Arizona. It is a place of peace, abundance and ease. Thank you for your attention to detail in the past and future that makes it all the better.
    With gratitude and appreciation,
    Razel and Micah

    • Thank you for your kind words. Beauty and integrity are so important to us, and we did work hard to maintain it. So nice to be seen. Wish you all the best, P and U Parsons

  • Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you Udgar and Puja for teaching me about the Growing Dome. Enjoy the time with your family.

    Congratulations Lem and Liz on the proud ownership of these great Growing Spaces.

    Best Wishes, Teri Brown, Santa Fe, NM

  • It was very nice meeting Udgar and Puja, although briefly, when we flew from Boston to see the domes in all their glory. Thank you for starting this business and happy retirement!

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