Windy Weather Package

Greenhouse Windy Weather Package, Greenhouse Accessories & Greenhouse Automatic Vent Openers


This package for our year round greenhouses adds sturdy greenhouse vent openers to all of the vents to prevent the openers and vents from being thrashed by strong winds. The automatic greenhouse vent openers are heat activated and require no electricity to operate. The upper and lower vents of the green houses open and close at an adjustable preset temperature due to the melting and expansion of beeswax in a piston. Cooling of the Growing Dome is then achieved as hot air escapes from the top vents and cold air is drawn in through the lower vents.

This greenhouse Windy Weather Package also includes an upgraded Aluminet Shade Cloth that is designed to go on the interior of the Growing Dome as opposed to our standard greenhouse shade cloth that is installed on the outside and is subject to wind damage.

*This package comes standard on the 33 ft. and 42 ft. Growing Dome kits.

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then we highly recommend the Windy Weather Package for your Growing Dome greenhouse kit.

  • Do you live on a hilltop or ridge exposed to the prevailing wind?
  • Are there winds gusting to over 60 MPH in your location? Do you live in a very windy area?

The price for the Windy Weather Package varies by Growing Dome size: VIEW SIZES & PRICES