Kids Gardening

Gardening with Kids in Growing Dome® Greenhouse Kits

Growing Spaces® enjoys being a part of the effort to teach children about greenhouse gardening and where food comes from…one Growing Dome at a time!

The importance of kids learning about “where food comes from” and the value of fresh organic food…


We are struck by the number of schools (over 100 around the world) who have used our Growing Dome Greenhouse Kits as a living laboratory for the discovery of nature and health. Our Growing Domes are perfect for schools because they make it possible to share greenhouse gardening with kids throughout the entire school season all winter long. The efficient use of solar power in our greenhouses makes this all possible on a budget. Our commitment to making the kits as affordable as possible since 1989 has made us one of the first, if not the first, greenhouse companies to adopt a “Socially Responsible” business model.

We have been building geodesic greenhouse kits for schools since the beginning, over 30 years ago. In the early 1990’s in Snowmass Colorado, Rocky Mountain School created a small business growing seedlings for organic gardeners in their Growing Spaces 22 foot Growing Dome. Our local Bayfield High school was on the front page of the Durango Herald newspaper in May of 1999, announcing that their “Living Classroom was to be a model for the nation as students in food science classes harvest herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants in their specimen garden.” In the beginning, many private schools bought Growing Spaces greenhouse kits from us before the popularity of organic food created even more interest.

005-school-greenhouse-33-growingspacesNow more and more public schools have access to this invaluable, protected, indoor growing space for learning. Funding is more widely available, and administrators from K-12 schools and universities alike are invested in creating a connection between children and their food. Greenhouse gardens provide limitless possibilities for learning science, math, language arts, social studies and more. In greenhouses, kids can grow food for their school lunchrooms, for sale at local markets, or for non-profit food banks. In this way, youth can learn self-sufficiency; much-needed business skills, and the reward of philanthropy. We encourage you to visit our blog to read about the current greenhouse projects going on at over 90 schools around the world: Current School Projects

Learning about health and nature is important in our modern world. America’s reliance on fast foods and public ignorance about the effects of genetically modified foods and hormones is big news these days. Our gratitude goes out to well-known advocates of healthy eating like First Lady Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver. We are grateful for the way they highlight the gift of healthy organic food for the next generation.

In our Growing Domes, children and educators share and learn the joy of greenhouse gardening and of watching life in action as they are responsible for tending plants in the greenhouse. Children are good motivation for the patience one needs when dealing with the natural challenges of greenhouse growing. Learning to live with the seasons, planning, planting and harvesting teach us lessons and give us a sense of confidence in the miracle of life.

“For greenhouse gardening with kids, the Growing Spaces Growing Dome is the only solar greenhouse that can grow a garden while the school season is in session.”

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