Comparison of Greenhouse Growing Seasons

Growing Season in a Growing Dome

A Growing Dome provides a full 365 days to grow seasonal crops. This means that in southwest Colorado summer vegetables can be started in January to be harvested through July. Once August hits, winter crops can be seeded for harvest through the following January. Granted, this is somewhat subjective to your plant hardiness zone, give or take a few months. For example, a Growing Dome in Florida will have a longer summer crop season than one in Minnesota which will have a longer winter crop season. Regardless, you can expect to be planting and harvesting year round.

Growing Season in a Traditional Greenhouse

In a traditional greenhouse, the growing season is still extended, but not to the full effect of a Growing Dome. With this greenhouse the growing season is about 180 days, roughly 6 months long. This means that in southwest Colorado, summer vegetables can be started in March to be harvested through August. Depending on your climate, it is possible to also begin starts in March to later transplant outside.

Growing Season in a Hoop House

Similar to a traditional greenhouse, a Hoop House is typically used to start seedlings early to later transplant outside. Although there are some hoop houses that grow crops all season, this environment does not protect and insulate the temperature year round (unless you’re a corporate production greenhouse). The growing season in an at home hoop house is about 150 days, roughly 5 months long. This means that in southwest Colorado, summer vegetables can be started around April and are protected from weather conditions through August. There are many varieties of hoop houses. Some of them are open on either end, in which case there’s a smaller chance of producing fall crops. On the other hand, some hoop houses are completely sealed, wherein there is a slightly extended growing season for winter crops.

Growing Season in an Outdoor Garden

An outdoor garden is completely exposed to the elements and wildlife. Depending on your climate, the growing season can range from year round in tropical climates, to 4 short months in places like southwest Colorado.