Aluminet Shade Cloth

Aluminet Shade Cloth Mounted Inside Greenhouse
Aluminet Shade Cloth Fixed Inside the Greenhouse

The Aluminet Shade Cloth is very useful in keeping the Growing Dome® cool during the hot summer months. It reduces the amount of sunlight and heat transmitted into the greenhouse. The shade cloth reduces the amount of summer sunlight by 50% without depriving the plants of too much light. It is custom made to fit each of the different Growing Dome sizes. The kit comes with strings and eye bolts for easily attaching it to the struts inside the greenhouse. Most Growing Dome owners put it up between April – June and take it down between September – October.

Aluminet Shade Cloth Specifications

Every geodesic greenhouse manufactured by Growing Spaces comes with a shade cloth to help you keep the high summertime temperatures at bay. A 12′ x 6′ cloth comes with the 15′ Growing Dome greenhouse kit. A 16′ x 6′ comes with the 18′ Growing Dome kit. A 20′ x 6′ comes with the 22‘. A 12′ x 16’ comes with the 26′.  One 20′ x 12′ comes with the 33′ and two come with the 42′ geodesic Growing Dome greenhouses. Every shade cloth features:

  • Reflective material that does not heat up
  • 50% shade / 50% light transmission
  • Brass grommets on edges for easy installation and removal
  • Knitted, aluminum coated, HDPE fabric
  • Edges reinforced with black webbing material
  • 5 year warranty for UV degradation
Aluminet Shade Cloth in Greenhouse -- Panorama
Aluminet Shade Cloth Panorama in the 33 Growing Dome