Green Living 101: Grow Your Own Food

Green Living 101:

Grow your own food in Colorado

Worried about America’s addiction to oil? Do you want to rely less on oil and live off the vegetables and fruits of your labor? Want to grow your own organic food all year around, even in the dead of winter in the bitter Colorado Rocky Mountain cold? A Colorado based company called Growing Spaces has geodesic domes that will allow you to grow food year-round in Colorado.

Growing Spaces is based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and has been in business for over 20 years. They are an off grid company that provides off grid geodesic Growing Domes that are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Growing Spaces’ goal is to support people who want to live sustainable lives by relying less on fossil fuels and growing organic fruits and vegetables. Fossil fuels are widely relied upon for transportation in our country and foods are shipped from all over the world to our markets. In addition, many of these foods are peppered with fossil fuels in the form of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. However, Growing Spaces’ product allows community members to grow their own food year-round in their backyards. Grow tomatoes in the summer and green vegetables in the winter.

The Growing Dome’s strong design is built from polycarbonate triangles, which can withstand 100 mph winds and crushing snow loads of up to 60 pounds per square foot. The domes are available with single glazing or multi-glazing, which does not degrade from extreme sunlight over time. Plus the cost of their domes is quite comparable with competitors.

The dome kit includes a 10 year warranty on the glazing and the domes can last at least 20 years. In addition, the kit has seven unique features. A few of the features are automatic solar vents, an under soil heating and cooling system, and the thermal mass water tank. Plus, no foundation is required for the domes, however the area needs to be level and crushed gravel is recommended for the base of the dome.

The Growing Dome can be easily assembled and the frame can be erected in one day with the help of some friends and neighbors. However, for domes exceeding 33 feet in diameter a certified/licensed construction crew is required for assembly. The dome sizes available are from 12 feet to 51 feet in diameter*. (*May 2023: The current sizes available are from 15′ to 42′.)

The geodesic domes provide more than just a “greenhouse”.  They can be designed to provide seating areas (benches made of adobe, straw bale, or recycled lumber) and raised growing boxes providing a peaceful sanctuary. Growing your own produce cuts down on the consumption of fossil fuels and is one way we can offset our dependence on fossil fuels. Furthermore, a Growing Dome can become a year-round community garden where you can get to know your neighbors; children can immerse their hands into the soil, and provide a sanctuary for the soul.

Growing Spaces is a Colorado company providing a sustainable product energized by the sun, and is truly a green company. They can be contacted at (970) 731-2120 or (800) 753-9333, M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Mountain time.

If you would like to learn more about Growing Spaces and the Growing Dome, check out their YouTube video, ask questions on their forum page, and find a listing of the prices and the additional features of their domes.

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Kyle joined the Growing Spaces team in 2015, and enjoys being involved in all the exciting projects and developments happening around here!I graduated from Pagosa Springs High School in 2009 and moved to Gunnison, Colorado to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. After graduating from Western State Colorado University, I moved back to my home town Pagosa Springs. Since moving back home in 2013, I have been working to develop a farm in Arboles. In my spare time, one may find me backpacking in the wilderness, cruising on a mountain bike, slacklining in the park, or skiing Wolf Creek. I also enjoy creating art when I am not outdoors. The mediums that I enjoy working with are yarn, canvas and paint, and clay. I have been experimenting with aquapoinics and am always excited to share knowledge on the subject with others. I joined the Growing Spaces team in 2015, and enjoy being involved in all the exciting projects and developments happening around here!

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