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Congratulations and welcome to the Growing Dome® – the Next Generation of Greenhouse

Now that the Growing Dome enters the field, the traditional greenhouse becomes outmoded.

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A Growing Dome enables you to:

      • Take control over your own diet, health and nutrition

• Produce the tastiest organic food, protected from wind and weather

• Create a beautiful indoor space for nurturing relaxation

Our Growing Dome greenhouses are available in six sizes and can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers year round! Because of its seven unique features, the Growing Dome greenhouse is 3x or more efficient than traditional greenhouses. All of our Growing Domes are unique to your specific needs and are custom built in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

How is a Growing Dome so vastly different from a regular greenhouse?

Let’s start outside


  • It is an energy efficient aerodynamic design that is immensely strong and resilient.
  • The wind flows effortlessly around it and the snow slides readily off it.
  • The geodesic shape “tracks” the sun, giving steady heat input all day long.
  • The shape is much more energy efficient than a rectangular shape, enabling it to store the heat to stay warm on cold winter nights.

Come inside and you will see the real difference

The average greenhouse contains shelves with plants in pots and is essentially a season extender unless you add significant extra heating and cooling.

The Growing Dome is a complete self-contained indoor garden, with trees, shrubs and low growing vegetables fruit and flowers. It is your own protected indoor garden and what’s more, it flourishes every month of the year. Because of the amazing combination of features and its passive solar design, it requires little or no extra costs for heating or cooling.

• The built-in heat storage features catch the heat of the sun in the day and releases it slowly at night.
• North Wall Insulation acts as a warm blanket in the winter and a cooling umbrella in the summer.
• The automatic windows create a chimney effect, helping the space to stay cool.
• The central air system and the above ground pond help to keep the Growing Dome warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
• All these state-of-the-art features combine to create a year-round growing environment.

DSCF0019It has been shown that by simply playing in the dirt, beneficial hormones are released throughout the body. Most of our Growing Dome owners say that just being inside the magical environment and the space, they feel the stress level melting away!

We have Growing Domes in all states and 14 countries and we’ve been refining and improving our product for 25 years, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We imagine you would like to know how our Growing Dome compares to other greenhouses. We are happy to have done some research for you, click here for the results!

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9 Reasons a Growing Dome is Better than a Regular Greenhouse

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