Geodesic Greenhouse Kits for Colorado

Geodesic Greenhouse Kits for Colorado

Discover the Geodesic Growing Dome®: The 4-Season Greenhouse for Colorado Gardens

Colorado’s short growing season and a multitude of unpredictable conditions make gardening a problematic and frustrating challenge for the most experienced gardeners – let alone beginners. From the erratic and severe seasonal weather to the high-altitude dry winds, rock-filled soil and an abundance of hungry wildlife that’s ready to devour everything in sight, it’s not surprising that gardeners and plant lovers are desperate for a way to eliminate those factors that we can’t control.
Thankfully, Growing Spaces® Geodesic Greenhouse Domes allow Colorado gardeners to enjoy lush winter greenhouse gardens, organic produce, and year-round gardening in an Eco-friendly climate-controlled environment.

The 7 Unique Features of a Growing Spaces® Growing Dome make gardening in Colorado easy and year round growing a reality.
Traditional greenhouses are ideal for mild climates. They are disastrous in a challenging environment like the one we have here in Colorado. During the summer, traditional greenhouses retain heat to such an extent that your plants will fry. Conversely, in the winter, they can’t hold enough heat, so your plants are at risk for freezing. We designed our Geodesic greenhouse domes to eliminate the insurmountable challenges that prevent Colorado gardeners from thoroughly enjoying their gardens. Our 4-season greenhouse brings year-round gardening to Colorado home gardeners. Now you can have a winter greenhouse that is equally usable during the short, but hot Colorado summer months.
Greenhouse Dome for Colorado

1. The Geodesic Dome’s Shape

  • The round shape of Geodesic domes offers unsurpassed strength against the most intense winds because there is no resistance.
  • The shape of the greenhouse is such that light is evenly distributed over every inch of your garden.
  • Snow rolls off the roof immediately so there are no roof leaks that are common to greenhouses with pitched or other roof styles.
  • The round shape of our greenhouse domes occupies 40% less surface to floor space than traditional rectangular greenhouses, and that feature makes our Growing Spaces® Growing Domes, the most energy-efficient greenhouse kits on the market today.

2. Clear Polycarbonate Glazing Panels Cover on All Geodesic Domes

Each super-strong polycarbonate panel is 16 mm thick. The combination of all of the panels that are connected with glazing compound creates a surface that can withstand heavy snow during winter or the huge hailstones that are common during Colorado’s frequent hailstorms. If you threw a hammer at a panel on the Growing Dome, it would bounce right off of it. (We encourage you NOT to try that, though.)

  • The dome’s 2.8 R-value rating gives each Geodesic greenhouse, the capacity for 65% light transmission.
  • The life expectancy of our polycarbonate greenhouse domes is over 20 years. On top of that, we give our customers a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty against hail damage and yellowing with the purchase of all greenhouse kits.
  • Our Geodesic greenhouse domes are made out of between 10% and 40% recycled materials – right here in the U.S.A.

You will enjoy the beauty and elegance of the soft diffused light inside our Geodesic domes as much as your plants do.

3. Every Geodesic Greenhouse Has An Above Ground Pond

The Above Ground Pond inside all of our greenhouse kits is a critical component of the dome’s design. It is the “power pack” that functions as a solar heat sink and temperature regulator. The thermal mass of the above ground pond inside all of our greenhouse domes ensures that the climate stays cool throughout the summer, and warm throughout the winter.
Additionally, the Above Ground Pond enhances the ambiance of our Growing Domes. It provides the ideal conditions for fish and aquatic plants (aquaponics), and it creates the precise environment that any 4-Season Greenhouse requires for the optimal year-round green plant, flower, and vegetable plant growth.

4. The North Wall Insulation

The North Wall Insulation feature (which is also referred to as “Reflectix”) enhances the energy-efficiency inside the greenhouse dome. By increasing the insulation on the inside of the north wall, we assure you that your Geodesic Growing Dome will be comfortably cozy during the long, brutal, Colorado winter nights. And on the flip side, the insulated North Wall becomes a shade barrier to keep the Above Ground Pond cool, ensuring that the greenhouse dome will never overheat.
An added benefit is the fact that the North Wall Insulation helps reflect daylight for better and more even light distribution throughout the day, thereby maximizing plant growth throughout the year.

5. Automatic Vents

The purpose of the automatic vents is to aid in regulating the temperature and flow of air inside the dome. The Growing Dome’s vent windows are equipped with heat activated pistons, so they automatically open when it’s hot, and automatically close when it’s cool. Each greenhouse dome is fitted with another set of adjustable automatic beeswax pistons open and close the windows. And the automatic vents and windows work without any electricity. The upper vents allow hot air to escape, while the lower vents take in cool air.
The sophisticated automated system that controls the opening and closing of the window vents means that you can go away for a weekend or an extended vacation without having to worry about taking care of the greenhouse.

6. Solar-Powered Central Air Circulation System

Our solar-powered central air circulation system circulates cool and warm air throughout your Geodesic greenhouse. During the winter months, this ultra-unique feature moves warm air throughout the dome and between your plants. This ensures that both plants and soil stay warm. Conversely, during the summer, the opposite is true. Your plants won’t burn because the leaves or soil get too hot.

7. All-Weather Insulated Wood Foundation

The insulated wood foundation ensures that the base of the greenhouse is not just sturdy; it needs to be able to protect the greenhouse from snow, rain, hail, and wind-related damage.
The fact that the base of all of our greenhouse kits is insulated means that you won’t have to worry about buckling, frost heaving, or damage from snow and wind. Our insulated foundation wall is 24-inches high, a height that raises the greenhouse floor above the exterior level of snow buildup.
A bonus feature is the extra headroom that allows for raised bed gardening. The foundation wall also ensures that the soil in all of your growing beds can retain heat during the frigid cold Colorado winter nights.

The Ease of Year-Round Gardening

All of our Growing Dome greenhouses for sale come in six sizes. You can use them to grow flowers, fruits, green plants, and vegetables throughout the year. We pioneered this unique greenhouse design over 20 years ago. And even now, nothing like our design is available on the market today.
With our Growing Dome greenhouse kits, you can rest assured that your Colorado garden will be protected throughout the year – regardless of the weather.
Our state-of-the-art greenhouse domes are custom built to meet your specific needs, and we make them right here in Pagoda Springs, Colorado.
Don’t miss the opportunity to take back your Colorado garden. You can do it with a Growing Spaces Growing Dome, the best 4-season greenhouse on the market, especially for Colorado home gardens.

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