Gardening & Beyond Video Series

To follow the theme of the Growing DomesĀ®, we like to promote “going local”. You can’t get any more local than growing your food at home and we support local gardeners as part of this movement. In 2010 Udgar Parsons, Growing Spaces Owner & Founder, taught at a “Gardening & Beyond” educational program that was made available to the general public for free. Udgar has 44 years of gardening experience, 22 of which are in Growing Domes. We were fortunate enough to catch video of the class and have started releasing segments of the class on YouTube so more people worldwide can go local. It’s kind of fun to watch Udgar teaching to a group of 40 people at our local cooperative extension office, knowing that it expands out to people across the world and then focuses back in to one small garden at a time.

The first segment is below and the entire series is available on the Growing Spaces YouTube Channel

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