February Dome of the Month Winner

Dome of the MonthA big congratulations goes out to Helene Van Manen in Beulah, CO for winning the Dome of the Month for February. This image of a Mule Deer in front of Helene’s 22′ Growing Dome captured everyone’s hearts. She’s been diligent this year in getting out in the snow, taking photos and sharing them with us. We really do appreciate it as we know how hard it can be in the Rocky Mountain winters to motivate and get out to enjoy the scenery. Sometimes it’s just too cold, but Helene’s reminded us that the warmth and greenery in the Growing Dome make the trip outside to visit it well worth it!




  • We are so excited to be winners…we have been wanting to win a trip somewhere and so this may be the start of a winning streak!

    However we can say that we completed building this dome in early November and planted our first crop of salad greens on Nov 13th. We had our first salad on Christmas and by about the 2nd week of January it’s been producing at least 2 big salads every day and more. Now the volume for our daily harvest is increasing now that the days are getting longer.

    We had one night in early December when it was 8below outside and it got to 26 inside the dome. Last week we had a few nights where it was 6 degrees outside and it got down to just 31.4 inside. So we are doing good with no extra heat source. Of course, the greens we are growing can handle the low temps.
    We just planted our first crop of snow peas. Buying your kit and building this was one of our best decisions we have made. Thank you Growing Spaces.

  • What a beautiful photo! I have only ever seen one deer and that was in our forest, you just don’t get them around here.

    Now rats climbing up onto the bird feeder (even the one with a metal, slippery pole!) now that’s another thing; we get LOTS of those – doesn’t quite make a stunning photo though does it LOL!

    Congrats to Helene and thanks for sharing the pic.

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