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What is a Growing Dome?

Here’s why a Growing Dome is so vastly different from a regular greenhouse:

022-geodesic-dome-greenhouses-26-growingspacesLet’s start outside,

  • It is an energy efficient aerodynamic design that is immensely strong and resilient.
  • The wind flows effortlessly around it and the snow slides readily off it.
  • The geodesic shape “tracks” the sun, giving steady heat input all day long.
  • The shape is much more energy efficient than a rectangle enabling it to store the heat to stay warm on cold winter nights.

Come inside and you will see the real difference:

The average greenhouse contains shelves with plants in pots and is essentially a season extender unless you add significant extra heating and cooling.
The Growing Dome is a complete self-contained indoor garden, with trees, shrubs and low growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers.
It is your own protected indoor garden and what’s more, it flourishes every month of the year.PageLines-001-year-round-greenhouses-33-kleobold.JPG
Because of the amazing combination of features and its passive solar design it requires little or no extra costs for heating or cooling.
• The built-in heat storage features catch the heat of the sun in the day and releases it slowly at night.
• North Wall Insulation acts as a warm blanket in the winter and a cooling umbrella in the summer.
• The automatic windows create a chimney effect, helping the space to stay cool.
• During the winter months, the central air system and the above ground pond help to keep the Growing Dome warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
• All these state-of-the-art features combine to create a year-round growing environment.
We’re been refining and improving our product for over 25 years, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labors.
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