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Growing Dome® greenhouses can easily return your investment.

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The Growing Spaces® Growing Dome might well be the best investment you could ever make in terms of health, fresh produce, and value for your dollar. What price can you put on the health benefits resulting from to eating fresh, enzyme rich organic food?

Over the lifetime of our Growing Dome, counting the value of the food you can grow, you could realize your investment 3 or 4 times over, assuming proper care of the Growing Dome greenhouse kit in the 15-20 year expected lifespan.

Click on the image below for a full-size Return on Investment chart:

Greenhouse Return on Investment

Price Comparison

Our four season greenhouse kits outperform others at a lower cost, and have more features and benefits! All of our Growing Dome greenhouse kits are available with either a 2 or 5-wall polycarbonate glazing covering, contain an above ground pond, and solar powered central air heating and cooling systems, and many other energy efficient features.

We compared our greenhouse kits by feature, size, and price to other quality polycarbonate greenhouses. See the comparison chart below and decide for yourself!

Comparison of 2-Wall (8mm) Polycarbonate Covered Greenhouses with a Growing Dome. Click the image below to view full-size table.

Greenhouse Price Comparison 2018

Greenhouse Construction

All you need is a level site and the rest is simple!

Unlike many other greenhouses, no foundation is needed because our Growing Dome Kits come with their own foundation wall and can sit on a circular ring of compacted gravel.

The kits come with a solar powered heating and cooling system as well as above ground pond to help with heating and cooling the dome, as needed. The Growing Dome is designed to be off grid and self-sufficient, so no underground utilities are needed.

You can assemble the kits with friends and family over a couple of weekends, or you can hire a supervisor or full crew from Growing Spaces to help build your dome.

We love to answer questions and help new dome owners prepare for their future of growing healthy, nutritious food year round. Give us a call at 970-731-2120 to talk to a Product Specialist!

For full price information visit our sizes and prices page.

If you have more questions, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions, and answered them for you.