Explore Our Growing Domes 2

This is what our Growing Dome Owners are saying:

It is so incredible with 3 feet of snow outside to go into the dome and see plants still growing. It is so relaxing just to be inside such a beautiful environment. I have been growing in there now for almost 20 years.” – Josie Sifft, Pagosa Springs
“We can grow all the vegetables we can eat year-round. Last year we still had tomatoes in December! I think this is the best choice for greenhouse. It will hold up for many years. It thrives above and beyond my expectations. My garden helped me to heal from serious disease and to reclaim my life energy.” – Richard Black: Durango, CO
Every school should have a Growing Dome garden. It is relevant to every department and there is a constant waiting list for my classes in there. Even the troubled kids seem to settle down in the Growing Dome. They love to get their hands in the dirt and are learning all about sustainability and living systems as well as geometry and energy efficiency.” – Tony Rackham, School Teacher, Pagosa Springs, CO

“The Growing Dome is the centerpiece for our larger effort here in Bayfield Library Community Garden. It provides a sanctuary in weather, and a classroom for presentations as well as a resource for the outside garden.” – Judy Poe, Garden coordinator Bayfield, Colorado


By now you might be wondering  what kind of investment will be needed to have a Growing Dome in your life. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Click on the link below to discover how a Growing Dome can enable you to have fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers for years to come in your own private indoor garden.