Exercise To Cultivate Wellness

We all know the importance of eating good food.

And we all know the importance of exercise,  but do you do it? Be honest. Do you get enough exercise?

Do you have something in your life that keeps you consistently exercising 4 or 5 times a week?

Now, I’m not talking about lifting weights, working out at the gym, or running marathons. Those things are great, and are certainly exercise, but getting the exercise that we need does not have to be that rigorousWe simply want moderate exercise 4 or 5 times a week.

If you’ve heard this advice before, and have wondered what moderate exercise really means, then check out this article from the Mayo Health Clinic.

You want something to get your body moving. Our bodies were made for movement. Too often we fall into the trap of sedentary lifestyles, and our bodies are neglected.

Make Your Exercise Routine Something You Enjoy.

When you enjoy what you are doing, it’s easy to maintain.

Imagine being so inspired about an activity, that you’ll do whatever it takes to maintain the routine because you enjoy it. Not because you think you should. Not because it’s a chore.

It is possible to cultivate your health and wellness by igniting passion and excitement around an activity.

When it gets you, when your form of movement and exercise gets you, it sort of grabs ahold of you.

But You Do Need To Get Your Body Moving To Be Healthy

Here is one that I wish I did more often. Dance. You can dance your way to healthy. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Or, simply taking the time to walk, hike, ride a bicycle, swim, or even gardening, gets our bodies moving and has tremendous health benefits.

exercise from gardening

Yes, eat good food. Avoid food that doesn’t nourish you. Stay away from processed sugar, processed flour, and high fructose corn syrups. Eat fresh whole food. Follow the best practices of “food being the cornerstone of your health.”

But make sure your body is getting what it needs, beyond food. Get moving. Get exercise.

If you don’t have inspiration for getting outside and taking a walk in the fresh air, or don’t have access to a swimming pool, or you seem to have misplaced your rowing boat. If you can’t think of any way to get exercise, then do this now. Click this link, and I dare you not to dance!

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Jason Stuck
For three days in March 2008 Jason Stuck shoveled gravel into a Growing Spaces’ 33’ Growing Dome. That was Jason's first “project” working for Growing Spaces. Jason easily fell in love with the product, the people, and the philosophy of helping the earth by helping others grow their own food. Jason wore many hats at Growing Spaces over the years. Shovel slinger, metal fabricator, shopkeeper and author. Jason wrote many articles for our website and newsletter.

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    But an even better example of a living thriving outdoor connection.
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