Edible Schoolyard Project: Lesson Plans, Fundraising and More!

School GardeningWe are so impressed and amazed to see how the school garden concept is infusing rural and urban communities across the country. The next generation honestly has so many opportunities to connect back with their food and the land. It’s also stunning how technology has quickened the pace of this movement far beyond what anyone thought was possible. For years here at Growing Spaces we are always making more time to compile, create and share more resources for schools looking to start school gardens and to build curriculum that capitalizes on the learning opportunities. We chip away at is as we go, connect with as many resources we can find, and the myriad of posts on this blog are the fruit of our labor. The task is monumental and forever evolving, and that is why when we were introduced to The Edible Schoolyard Project (thank you Denise Robbins on Facebook) we couldn’t believe everyone’s luck!


Really, it makes so much sense. There is no way one person, one business or even one organization could generate ALL there is to know about school gardens. What was needed wasn’t a person to go out and research what’s available or even a team to think-tank the material together. What was necessary was a kind of organization diligent enough to design the platform (and a beautiful one at that) that would host ideas generated and posted by teachers, parents, professionals and community members, and connect them together. Now there’s a global community working together to populate this limitless library. The Edible Schoolyard Project has done what we consider to be a phenomenal job of creating this forum and we can’t say enough lovely things about it. Now we want to get folks on there to start posting more to help this lovely resource grow. So, join us in reading, posting and connecting so the global effort to manifest the dream we all share of a brighter future.

Start your search now for more information: http://edibleschoolyard.org

Post what you know: http://edibleschoolyard.org/user?destination=node/add/resource

Post your project on the global map or find one near you: http://edibleschoolyard.org/network

Watch a host of UC Berkeley Lectures on Edible Education: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHji_SaRRJ4Y0VvfzsBiUuQ

Additional Resources:

Green Heart Education: http://www.greenhearted.org/school-gardens.html

Garden Hut: https://quiethut.com/gardening-for-kids/

Thanks for joining us!

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