Growing Domes allow plants to thrive year-round in harsh climates!

  • Desert Regions to Above the Arctic Circle

  • Solar Powered Accessories to Reduce Fossil Fuels

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We deliberately designed our geodesic dome greenhouse kits for harsh weather conditions:

Standard Features

– Automatic Opening Vents Insulated
– Greenhouse Door/Snowshed Entry
– Solar-Powered (12v) Greenhouse Cooling Fans
– 2-foot Insulated Foundation Wall
– Shade Cloth

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Additional Packages

Desert Cooling Package
It comes with a solar-powered cooling fan and misting system that increases the cooling and ventilation inside your greenhouse.

Windy Weather Package
This package, now included as standard, adds sturdy greenhouse vent openers to all of the vents to prevent the openers and vents from being thrashed by strong winds.

Solar-Powered Cooling Fan Upgrade
The standard 115v electric cooling fan can be upgraded to a package with 4 solar-powered 12v fans

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Off-Season Discount for Desert Dwellers (EXPIRED: SEPTEMBER 11th 2020)


5% off of your entire Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit* & 10% off of your installation by a Growing Spaces crew member**


Due to the unprecedented demand for Growing Domes, Growing Spaces is offering incentives to have your dome shipped and installed in the off-season. Growing Dome owners in warmer climates can save on their purchase and install, as long as the average daytime temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Or if you have a place to store your dome over the winter, you can save 5% by having it delivered in the winter, and install it in the Spring!

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