Control Your Growing Season

Geodesic Growing Dome® Greenhouse Kits Allow You to Control Your Growing Season

Enjoy Fresh Produce From Your Own Garden All Winter Long

We believe everyone deserves a year-round growing environment where they can easily and reliably grow their own clean, healthy food. For almost 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of backyard gardeners take control of their family’s food budget and sourcing by creating a reliable, controllable environment that can be used in any climate, anywhere, all year long.

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Enjoy the Ease of Year-Round Gardening

Know your garden will be protected all year – regardless of the weather

Geodesic Dome Shape

  • Unsurpassed strength ensures your garden stays protected during storms
  • Evenly distributed sunlight warms every inch of your garden
  • Snow rolls right off – no leaks to deal with!

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Happy Winter Gardeners Growing Dome Families

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